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Why C matters.

C. The godfather of computer programming as we use it (generally) today. Even the very mention of this language sends chills down the spines of those who hear it – the Marmite of the developer world. 1,444 more words


How to be efficient as a GIS professional (part 3)

6. Automate, automate, automate

Whatever you are doing, take a second to think whether you will need to run the sequence of steps you’ve just completed again. 719 more words


MeArm update - Work in progress.

Here’s an update of what we’ve been up to in the last 4 weeks of STEM club.

Team MeArm.

We initially built the excellent MeArm… 163 more words

Emailing with Python and SPSS

Emailing automated messages using Python was on my bucket list for a few projects, so here I will illustrate how to do that within SPSS. Basically the use case is if you have an automated report generated by SPSS and you want to send that automated report to certain parties (or to yourself while you are aware from work). 679 more words


Computer Programming

I’m taking a beginner course in computer programming so that I understand it well enough to help my son take the same course in the future. 703 more words


Smart Meter, Rummy and Books!

Well we have just had our new Southern Electric Smart Meter installed and said goodbye to the Engineer after a brief demo of our new system. 589 more words


Reading a UTF8 CSV file with Python

import csv

def unicode_csv_reader(utf8_data, dialect=csv.excel, **kwargs):
    csv_reader = csv.reader(utf8_data, dialect=dialect, **kwargs)
    for row in csv_reader:

filename = 'da.csv'
reader = unicode_csv_reader(open(filename))
for field1, field2, field3 in reader:
  print field1, field2, field3
… 15 more words