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CONfidance 2015 CTF Teaser - Power level Writeup (Crypto 50)

For this task we were given this C File and asked to decrypt this


in the C file we can see the following code… 451 more words

Dynamic Programming : Making change for an given amount with least number of coins

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Its been sometime since the last blog … loads of em are struggling to come out of the drafts :P I’ve been working on Dynamic programming concepts for a while now , So i thought of sharing my insights on the same by taking up the problem of finding ┬áchange for the given amount using ┬áleast possible no of currencies , and in the process i would love to explain what Dynamic programming is all about . 1,109 more words


Simple Banner Grabbing Using Python 3

Pada kesempatan kali ini saya akan sedikit sharing tentang cara membuat program banner grabbing menggunakan python 3, sebelum kita mulai ada baiknya kita mengenal terlebih dahulu apa itu… 230 more words


Start a Django Project


  1. Python 2.7.6
  2. easy_install and pip
  3. Git
  4. virtualenv
  5. Django
  6. Database (MySql, MongoDB)
  7. Text Editor

Check python version with

$ python -V
Python 2.7.6
… 362 more words

Easy 1 - Ask for user's information

#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include <fstream>

int main() {
	std::string name = "unknown";
	std::string username = "unknown";
	int age = 0;

	std::cout << "What is your name: ";
	std::cin >> name;
	std::cout << "How old are you?: ";
	std::cin >> age;
	std::cout << "What is your username?: ";
	std::cin >> username;
	std::ofstream myfile;
	myfile << "Your name is "<< name
			   << ", you are " << age << " years old, "
			   << "and your username is " << username << std::endl;			   
	std::cout << "Reading file..." << std::endl;
	std::string line;
	std::ifstream read_my_file;

	if (read_my_file.is_open()) {
		while (std::getline(read_my_file, line)) {
			std::cout << line << std::endl;

Getting started with Django, part 1

Installing Django is super easy with the command:

$ python setup.py install

To get started, we first create a project named mysite in current directory: 1,187 more words


The Typing Of The Horseshit

I am in a rock band. I write the songs and play guitar. Arkwood, my debauched Belgian buddy, is the drummer. Monita – oh, my lovely Hispanic maid Monita – well, she sings backing vocals in the tone of a screeching alley cat. 597 more words