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Serpent Tales


I never fail to learn something new when I listen to BBC Radio 4’s From Our Own Correspondent and last week my attention was caught by a report from the Caribbean island of Aruba.  748 more words

How to share files when ssh is being blocked at your company's network ?

Many times we face the situation where even ‘ssh’ is being blocked by company’s administrative staff . Correct ?

It will be very difficult for us to share big files when your mailbox is over blasting with mails and by putting efforts you are freeing some space to get a new mail !! 350 more words


Python language basics 15: string basics part 2


In the previous post we saw how strings are represented and constructed in Python. We also mentioned other important terms such as string concatenation, immutability and character escaping. 497 more words


Neural Networks

This as been a very busy semester at UÉ, so I haven’t written much for this blog. In this post I give an update on something in which I’ve been recently occupied, Neural Networks. 457 more words


ImportError: No module named 'Tkinter'

The Tkinter comes with the python so if you are getting the error

ImportError: No module named 'Tkinter'

when you use

import Tkinter

in the shell, then that is probably because you are having the new python 3.x version. 16 more words


Python Decorator for Simplifying Delegate Pattern

Recently, I posted about how you can use composition instead of inheritance, and in that article, I mentioned the Delegate Pattern. As a quick description, the pattern has you inherit from the parent interface (or, in Python, you can just implement the protocol), but all the methods either redirect to calling the method on an injected implementation of interface/protocol, possibly surrounding the call in its own code, or it completely fills the method with its own implementation. 1,884 more words


App Review: Pythonista

I recently bought Pythonista for my iPad and iPhone in an attempt to code more often in my free time, even when I don’t have my computer on me. 1,790 more words