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Jumble Spoiler - 03/31/15

Visual Description:  Taxation double jeopardy.

PEORA  =  OPERA,  UCETA  =  ACUTE,  FRADYT  =  DRAFTY,  ASOSEN  =  … 181 more words



Not to seem superstitious, but the number 13 is a favorite of mine, so I couldn’t miss this one.

What was your favorite subject in school? 329 more words


Cryptoquote Spoiler - 03/31/15

“To vice, innocence must always seem only a superior kind of chicanery.”   —   YUR

(Like the pessimists who claim that all acts of kindness have an ulterior motive.  178 more words


50: Toothless

Zamir’s playing a creature-heavy, removal-light deck against you, so he wasn’t happy when you played a Blood Seeker on your second turn. Still, he’s done a remarkable job to stem the constant bleeding, and now he’s in a position to exact a little payback. 375 more words


April Puzzles

APRIL 2015 CROSSWORD PUZZLE , appropriately for an April 1 post has Cryptids as its theme, and comes with standard and (again, appropriately) cryptic clues; 25 more words

Puzzles & Diversions - Vic Skeptics

Word and Bird Jumbles

I like to do the word jumble in the newspaper.  It looks like this:

Jumble means to mix together in a disorderly heap or mass, a confused mixture; a medley. 155 more words


Riddle Me This!

Everyone loves a puzzle.  Test your mind.  Challenge your friends.  Take this opportunity to truly think outside the box.  You have 48 hours.  I’ll post the answers on Thursday, April 2nd.  320 more words