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Puzzle #103: Proof Without Trigonometry

This is a wonderful puzzle I found in the puzzle collection of The Guardian newspaper, the original source being Martin Gardner. The beauty of this puzzle is that one needs to use simple rules of geometry and we do not need any trigonometry at all. 76 more words

Alok Goyal

cbt:1470 (from the supplement of a newspaper called 'Cumhuriyet')

I am going to show You why “wording” in puzzles plays crucial role because it might change the result. The puzzle’s text is this:

D=A*B*C (3 Integers such as A,B,C are multiplied and D integer is found) 403 more words


Criminal Case

Situated in the fictitious city of Grimsborough, the police detectives are hard at work investigating the most gruesome, and horrifying crimes, murder to be exact, and you become one of them. 196 more words


Puzzle III: Two Hours of Rope

The goal of this puzzle is to cook an egg for exactly 15 minutes. Assume that you can’t count the seconds perfectly, and you have nothing on hand that measures time (or distance) except a lighter and 2 special ropes. 307 more words


Day 172: Substitution Puzzles

For the last few weeks I have been using half the period on Fridays to review. A couple of weeks ago I came across some great puzzles at… 59 more words


Puzzle 66: Japanese Sums with 0

Long time no post. I’ve been making puzzles for croco-puzzle recently, the ongoing Best of 24h series, in particular.

But, here’s a practice puzzle for the coming German GP round next weekend. 71 more words