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Deal 223 Preview

The Three Rings are Authenticity, Change, and Infinite.
The Aerialist in the first ring is Gramophone.
The Elephant in the second ring is Tunnel.
The Clown in the third ring is Puzzle.

Daily Deal

Sunday's Riddle (3/29/15)

Though it is not sweet, it still has a cake
Though it’s not broken, it still has a break.
It’s often all wet and as black as coal… 15 more words

Brain Teaser

Puzzle 46 / Fillomino [LITS + Extra Region + Walls + Anti-Walls + Inequality + Tapa + Masyu]

5:27 PM phenomist: do you use gridderface to make pretty puzzles?

5:52 PM phenomist: actually nvm excel is probably easier lol

Okay I’m sorry this is a horrible puzzle where the rules don’t make sense and I didn’t even get it testsolved.

217 more words

Uninspiring Original Quotes (UOQ) 17

A person is like a puzzle.

The peices are mistakes and accomplishments.

And even though one feels way worse than the other, they both have the same job. 13 more words


I don’t even know where to begin with this one.

Release: February 7, 2014 (PC)

By Ian Coppock

What do you get when you combine  1,179 more words


TEAMFUCKSLEEP- Neuer Künstler unter Vertrag

Hadi-El Dor hat bekannt gegeben, dass das Label Teamfucksleep nun einen neuen Künstler unter Vertrag hat. Er heißt Finity und ist nun schon der dritte Künstler des neuen Labels. 53 more words

Finding the Perfect Yard

- If such a thing exists.

One thing I really struggled with was accepting that I would not be able to keep my horse at home, we would have to look at livery yards; a whole new experience which has turned out to be a bigger issue than I ever thought possible. 1,467 more words