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Confessions of a Green Tea Drinker

I’ve sat down to write this post with a cup of tea in hand – none other than green tea. If my facial expressions were any indication of my enjoyment of this tea you would assume instead that I must have just smelt poo as my face has is puckered up due to the lingering after taste on the back of my tongue. 851 more words


Small Goals Accomplished

I know I’m writing early, but I’m actually quite excited with my workout progress! I made an overall goal of several exercises including one that is to do 50 push-ups in a row. 83 more words

How to Jump Rope for 30 Minutes

I tried this the other morning. Get up, get dressed, head to the garage and turn on a timer and some tunes for the next 30 minutes.   218 more words


Exercise Journal: 21-22.04.2015



Gymnastics: 2 hr 15 min
– Floor work: sprints, rolls, extensions, cartwheels, round offs, splits, bridge
– Double mini: jumps, front flips!
– Tumble track: jumps, front handsprings!, back handsprings! 361 more words


Day 2

Hello everyone!
So I am soooo sore from the previous days workout. It’s been a struggle to walk up and down the stairs, even to just sit down! 111 more words


No Gym...No Problem

Don’t have time to go to the gym today? Maybe you haven’t joined a gym and workout at home or on the go? Try this Perfect 10 Workout in less than 10 minutes! 48 more words


2015-04-21 Tuesday: Painstorm 24

For time:
• 100m run
• 25 burpees
• 200m run
• 50 pushups
• 300m run
• 75 squats
• 400m run
• 100 walking lunges… 16 more words

For Time