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Calisthenics Basics: Planks

In the last blog post, we discussed the best place to start as a fitness beginner. Calisthenics movements are among the best for increasing strength and coordination in relatively new or untrained individuals, for whom core and upper body strength are often particularly lacking. 764 more words


tv time: Hayley's Healthy Bites

This week’s Healthy’s Healthy Bites segment on Weeknights Shepparton – the push up.

HM x

* HHB is a weekly segment aired during the Weeknights program (6pm Monday to Friday on Southern Cross Ten) offering quick bite sized pieces of health, fitness and nutrition related information.


Memorial Day: "MURPH" Hero WOD

Hero WOD: “Murph”

It is an annual tradition at Crossfit Nassau to do a special workout on Memorial Day. This annual workout is known to many as “Murph,” which represents two big ideas: 504 more words


I was organizing the drawers.

Today my fashion quest was about brassieres and t-shirts.

I wondered if we are, females forced into thinking that the bigger is better. 122 more words

2015 Murph

After dropping to an orange HRV of 89 yesterday I’m back in the green at 98 this morning. The low intensity workout did it’s job. Out in the garage at 7:30 and warmed up with 5:00 Air Dyne (2.25 km). 303 more words


22 May 2015 - Swangin'

30 cal Assault bike
Sled Push + Pull (3 rounds)
500m Row

Front Squat
40% x 5 (45kg)
50% x 5 (55kg) 94 more words