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A true friend is?

A true friend is anyone who will help you to get to your destiny.

In Pursuit Of Purpose

Raising Purposeful Children

Somewhere in the midst of final exams, prom, Friday night sporting events and texting with friends, American teenagers are setting a course for their future. They’ve been asked a thousand times, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Now, as they approach adulthood, it’s almost show time. 548 more words


Living & Dying At the Same Time

I have always been aware of the hourglass that God controls that holds how much time we have here on earth. Nevertheless, as one goes throughout life and have different experiences, it begins to become more apparent and real. 492 more words

Always Live Lovely


what profits the seed
who compulses
with urge to release
its pale essence
to shoot forth its
tender and tentative embryo
into the warm wormy soil… 87 more words


The passive vagabond.

It was till the very last second of mindlessly frisking Facebook to absorb whatever unwanted update I had on my wall, screen-capturing handsome amount of wisdom on Instagram and a round of mandatory stalking (on every possible social-media, of course)of few people from workplace, I recently joined that I realized, I am tired and I should sleep. 565 more words


Letting go as you let God :)

An analogy…

Even now, I know I will miss you. The wonderful memories will always live. But if it’s time to go, then it’s time to go. 113 more words

As though to breathe were life

What use to stand at riverside?
To hold this feather, wishing hard
or hold my breath and listen, still
for even aftermath of storm?
Why cast these rusty strings of words, 70 more words