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PAD 21: What You Are (Not)

Today being Tuesday, we are presented with another two-fer prompt (that I still see as a three-fer): “What you are/What you are not” (or both). I read the prompt and thought of “you,” but as I read the sample poem and some of the entries, I see that most interpret “you” as “I.” So, in true Two-fer Tuesday spirit, I did both in one poem by writing about two people together. 139 more words

Savvy the Savage and the Quest for the Golden Thread

Thank you for visiting my blog! If you’re here, then you love knitting, literature, or thought as communicated through different mediums. Or you are curious about the methods I have chosen to combine. 1,164 more words

A Tale Of Two Cities


I am quite pleased with how well this blanket turned out. Despite a slow start and some panicked text messages to my friend Steph in Japan (who kindly talked me off the crafty ledge), it ended up being an easy, fun and fast pattern. 231 more words

Crafty Lady

Favorite Pastime

Clink, Clink


knit 1, purl 2

Make a wrong turn.

Cable 4 Forward, k4

Feel the adrenaline rush.

Purl on wrong side

Arrow through the eyeball. 29 more words

Knitted Swatch Photo

Here’s another knitting photo for the archives.

You can see here that when every row is either knitted or purled, the result is pretty much the same. 81 more words


How to Knit (picture version) 

Trying to post my knitting videos, I was having some technical difficulties and thought I would have to do it with pictures. So I’m posting them even though the videos worked in case they help for a quick reference. 326 more words


Double encoded variables in streamdocument url (or: the disappeared ampersand)

Hello world,
Today I would like to show you why variable text in a streamdocument disappears after an ampersand and what you can do to prevent that. 1,007 more words

Cross Media