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My TOP 10 Young Living Essential Oils!!!

Since starting my oily journey I’ve discovered that I have a Top 10 list of oils. What I was initially surprised about was that most of them are in the… 1,275 more words

Essential Oils

Purification episode 123: Against The Void

The five women scattered as fragments of the swirling mass swiped at them. Bonnie jabbed her trident directly into the mass in response. The shadows dissipated. 715 more words


A Short Treatise On Music

The verdict on music in Islam is clear: it is expressly forbidden. This is a general itjihad that has been agreed upon by the scholars of Ahl ul Sunnah wa’l Jama’ah, in spite of some disagreement in some of the intricacies. 725 more words


The Best Air Purification Unit for Smokers

Cleaning the air in any smoke filled room is simple with the Advanced HEPA+. You save now during our 20% Off Sitewide Memorial Day sale! 6 more words

Bug Spray

Do you want to know how to make a quick and effective bug

spray out of Young Living essential oils? ┬áHere’s the recipe:


4 oz. 125 more words

Dirty Water still after cleaning the ring in my water bottle, or is tap water the problem in Keizer, Oregon?

This is just a simple report that I feel weird in my chest and I will associate it with recently cleaning the gunk off my silicon ring. 132 more words

Purification episode 122: The Mystery Element

The five women sat in a circle near the door to the next chambre, regaining their strength and treating their burns after the battle with the Mirage. 547 more words