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A Woman Dumped Her Boyfriend For Her 16 Creepy Puppet 'Children'

In terms of deal-breakers, puppets rank right up there with clowns. And for one man in Pennsylvania, his girlfriend’s puppets were just too much. So he asked her to choose between him and her 16 stuffed friends, whom she refers to as her children. 310 more words

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Diwrnod Agored Croes Atti Open Day

Cawsom diwrnod heb ei ail ddoe yn gwneud Pwnsh a Siwan yn y Gymraeg yn niwrnod agored Ysgol Croes Atti @Glannau Dyfrwy. Roedd sioe hud a lledrith hefyd gyda help gan y plant i gyd wrth gwrs. 213 more words

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Never too old for puppets!

This week we did puppet theater for our Tween Tuesday :) I brought down every bin of puppets the library staff had, let the kids try them all out, and then dragged over the Children’s Room puppet theater so the kids could try their hands at staging some stories…


A Gentleman's Quarrel ~ Screening in Calgary

I’m super excited to share that my film, A Gentleman’s Quarrel, will be screening in Calgary as part of this years Sled Island festival!  Happening June 24 – 28, Sled Island is an annual music and arts festival that began in 2007.  8 more words

Noelle Duddridge

Puppets for Pot

I hope you’re up for a pretty long read on an interesting guy who makes a puppet show about marijuana legalization while also pursuing a mainstream puppetry career in… 89 more words

Going into the Arts is like Playing the Lottery

The odds are maybe not quite as bad. Maybe. But the chances for an actual sustainable life in the Arts in this country are very slim. 608 more words


Puppet Conversation

Velvet is a black cat. She is also a hand puppet. She likes interacting with people.
One of her conversations went like this.
The tail twitched. 684 more words