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Fallen angel

Decided to bring back the good ol’ lineart as I’ve realised my strength lies in there :)


Bringing Some Doom

Sometimes, despite your best intentions, you just have go all Doctor Doom on some bitches.


Confusing commands

So this happened a while ago but is still fresh in my mind and I think it always will be. I’ve been meaning to write about it for a while but it was such an intense experience I’m not sure my words are going to give it justice. 793 more words

Day 16, Season of Lent

Readings:  Psalms am: 70, 71  pm: 74Jere 4:9-10, 19-28Rom 2:12-24John 5:19-29

Resurrected Life in Christ

The Prophet Jeremiah lived under difficult times. 415 more words


All Punishments are Physical

All Punishments are Physical

Punishments are not voluntary. Punishments are unpleasantnesses that are forced upon a person by an authorized person, in order to convince him to change his behaviour; if an action is not all of these things, it’s not a punishment. 1,313 more words


How Modi can use the Nirbhaya Documentary to his advantage

There’s no sound reason to ban the (Nirbhaya) film analysing rapes and rapists in India. Of course, India did what it does away when faced with a problem. 254 more words


Continued “The Law and the common sense” 4

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It’s not hard to choose between good and bad, not always. But the most annoying situation in life is when we have to choose between two goods, or choose the lesser evil – decisions, decisions, decisions. 908 more words