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Can You Be Too Pumped for Fall?

Ah yes, it’s that time of the year when the leaves start changing and everyone begins to don their sweaters. 336 more words

3 Gender Insecurities Every Barista Witnesses

As a barista, you meet a lot of interesting customers. There are people who have you add ice into their tea one cube at a time, kids who will give you every nickel in their pocket for the last cake pop in the pastry case, those who demand you steam the quarter inch of milk they want in their coffee, and parents who ask for a cup of whipped cream and a spoon to feed their two-year-old for lunch. 1,269 more words


Being Basic.

If you Google the definition of the word “basic” right now you will find three definitions. None of which relate to describing someone as a… 149 more words


Things Francesca Marinaro Likes

  1. Dancing barefoot in my kitchen to The Beach Boys’ “Kokomo”
  2. The way flecks of sunlight bouncing off the ocean’s surface look like dancing fairies
  3. Feeling like I’ve swallowed a drop of warm butterscotch every time I hear Colin Firth’s laugh…
  4. 68 more words

Basic Bitches

I had a really deep conversation this weekend with a Basic Bitch, what? Is that even possible? Let me clarify…she wasn’t a basic bitch at all. 410 more words

Fat Fill In: Pumpkin

This post is based on an original post that first appeared on the Kitchology blog entitled Pumpkin Fat Fill In

By: Nikki Nies

Use of fresh or canned pumpkin doesn’t have to be designated for the fall season. 322 more words

Nikki Nies

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Quick and easy pumpkin spice latte recipe! Tip- Try almond milk instead of coconut milk for a lighter option.