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Some guy gets rekt while I'm going past

I was going along a road this morning when some guy was being chased by the police in a nice fancy car, then 5 seconds later, 10/10 action, The car pulled over and hit a lamp-post, the Police got out of their car, and then I went past too far to see it. 62 more words

Why police requests to search need to go

Yes,officer,I do mind if you take a look in my vehicle.I do not know you,you are not my friend,and most importantly I just don’t trust you.We’ve all been asked by an officer if they can look inside our vehicles,but why?When an officer pulls you over but has nothing to go off other than personal suspicion,they will ask you to waive your rights of privacy and let them go through your vehicle.This is basically the same idea as cold calling people to see if they want to buy your product,and I find it ridiculously unprofessional that police operate this way. 281 more words


Day 1219 - Pull Over

I had to pull over while driving tonight for a quick photo before the sun finished setting.

Taken by Simon Greene

Amateur Photography