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Update, Pugdate?

Update on pugs: My friend recently got a cute little pug named Pugsly. Not too fond of the name, but VERY fond on the pug pup. Don’t mind my face


Examples of pugs expressing their emotions better than humans can...

The ‘I’m just not sure if this is the right choice for my career’ face

The ‘I’m just getting too old for this’ face

The ‘I’m so so glad I bumped into you face just kidding no I’m not I hate you’ face. 142 more words


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O my goodness. My Mom would've scolded me for the noise I was making while seeing this. EHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So CUTE!

Tarot Tuesday: Can Readings be done for Departed Loved Ones?

In a short answer/reply, “yes” (in my opinion). Energy is energy and whether a person is physically in front of you or spiritually around you, the energy is all around. 415 more words


Winston Manner

Our first Pug review! 

We received an official Winston Manner Harness, collar and leash box set in the bouncy ball design from our pug pal, Aussie and CEO… Winston himself! 348 more words

First Post!

Welcome to my new blog! My name is Charlotte, currently 22 years of age (July bambino) I live in East Yorkshire, England.

Here is where I will be exploring the idea of perspective, this is literally the start of my mind map and I have no idea which direction this blog will go! 98 more words



My moms pug is so photogenic I love taking pictures of her. She has two pugs but Otis doesn’t like getting his picture taken. This is Sissy. She is such a princess.