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Pug Life

I am pleased to announce that the Lush family has a new addition. (And not, for the avoidance of doubt, anything that necessitates a 9-month gestation period inside of self.) 444 more words

Show that beautiful smile 😊

Hello friends! Uchi wanted to remind everyone to keep smiling. A smile opens doors, melts tough hearts and ends grumpy faces. Hope you are having a beautiful Spring! 7 more words

Fun News


Meet Meeko…he is a 2 1/2 year old black pug who has a habit of eating things that he shouldn’t! Meeko was brought to ISU’s Emergency Service after he stopped eating and drinking for a day. 57 more words


Update, Pugdate?

Update on pugs: My friend recently got a cute little pug named Pugsly. Not too fond of the name, but VERY fond on the pug pup. Don’t mind my face


Laufey plays fetch

My video skills are somewhat lacking but regardless, Laufey has a brilliant wait for his ball. Mum is off to the left and after cueing him to wait walks backwards before cueing him to down then throwing his ball.



This is my brother’s dog, Bugsy. He’s been in the fam for yearsssss. He’s getting up there in age but you’ve gotta love him. Right now this is Bugsy, sleeping alongside my leg. 41 more words

My Bacon & Eggs

Baby gurl is my RIDE OR DIE chick. She’s always there – beggin for food like it’s her J-O-B, sleeping on my head and waking me up at the ass crack of dawn each morning to strut her stuff on the strand. 44 more words