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Phoebe's New Life Jacket

Well Phoebe’s new life jacket came in yay!!! Although I don’t think P shares my enthusiasm.

The velcro straps barely fit around her belly but everywhere else it fit perfectly. 57 more words


Pug Loves to Bathe

Watch this pug as he luxuriates in the water pressure and soapy massage of what looks like the best bath of all time. Not all dog owners are this lucky when it comes to getting your dog clean. 13 more words


peachy beachy paws and dogs

I can’t think of anything better than a day spent at the beach surrounded by canines. Not teeth, but the furry creatures. (Sorry, bad joke.) Especially when they are unleashed and frolicking, you can almost pretend they are your own dog. 170 more words


Spring Fever

Spring is my favorite season besides Fall of course so I’ve been getting my yard spring ready with a little help from the puglet.

I have thoroughly enjoyed sitting outside in my lawn chair reading Game of Thrones these past few weeks. 658 more words


Dog Sitting

Sorry things have been a little crazy lately so I haven’t had a chance to post anything.

Well my best friend Keely and her family went to Disney World during Spring Break and couldn’t bring Pepper so I agreed to take care of him. 375 more words


March 29th 2015

I forgot to say yesterday but when I took Laufey out for his afternoon walk, as we were leaving the park a man was coming in and he stopped dead watching us and as we went past he went “are we going to say hi to me” I’m about 89% sure he was talking about the dog because he did then ask a couple questions about him. 26 more words