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Wierd Pug-Ness...

Rocki The Pug on InfiniteFashion (Youtube-channel).


Paint me like one of your French girls 

Laufey demanded belly rubs then sat like this for them. Strange boy

Little one thinks he's smart...

“Mom, of course I solve this on my own! No problem!” Haha ;)


Yay It's The Weekend

It’s supposed to rain all weekend just like it did all this week….I’m very sick of rain. My new plants are getting lots of water for sure unfortunately the space where I planted my Marigolds flooded so if Phoebe didn’t kill them (Read WANTED post for details) then being covered in water will. 231 more words


New toy new toy! 

So I may have decided to just allow the gate situation for a night, and when I got home the next day humanbecca had brought me a new toy!! 32 more words

April 18th

On our breakfast walk we met a lovely 11 month old rottie who was beautiful but had no idea how big she was which scared Laufey slightly, especially as he was on lead (it wasn’t a play walk!!) granted the lady did ask if he was ‘okay’ but that wasn’t an invitation to come over. 122 more words

IN THE KNOW: Waiheke Island Big Day Out

I have been dreaming of the long Easter weekend since, well, since the last long weekend! As someone that is often over organised (that was my polite version and not MM’s wording!) and plans waaaaaaay ahead of time, I knew already that I had Waiheke Island in my sight. 434 more words