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There Is No Spoon (Or Sausages, or Custard, Or Ramekins)

In which The Author’s friends come to the rescue

Yesterday, as you might recall, I was wondering whether I’d make it through the night. I’m pleased to say that thanks to my wonderful GP practice in Aberdare, as well as my many friends who got in touch to offer their support, I’m still here to tell the tale. 1,202 more words


Is That Your Final Answer?

In which The Author takes a starter for ten

I’ve written before about my involvement with quizzes in Aberdare (and occasionally elsewhere). Late on New Year’s Eve, in the pub, I was chatting to my friends Kelvin and Mark about the now-defunct Cynon Valley Quiz League. 2,580 more words


The Reunion Party

In which The Author declines an invitation

A couple of weeks ago Gareth L. mentioned a rumour he’d heard. Apparently some of the old gang in Aberdare are talking about organizing a Carpenters Arms reunion. 3,068 more words


The Secret Drinking Club

In which The Author goes underground

I’m still working on a long blog entry based on the old pubs of the Cynon Valley (the top half, anyway), which will probably appear in the fullness of time. 671 more words


Missed the Coach

In which The Author goes on the World’s Least Successful Pub Crawl

There was a time when I knew Soho pretty well. Even though I never went into any of the pubs in that mythical area of London W1, I could get around without too much trouble. 707 more words


Hello Sweetie

In which The Author slips briefly into the 51st Century

On a very wet and thundery Thursday night, I found myself in the Lighthouse in Aberdare. 1,352 more words