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Random Wednesdays: Limitless

Hello lovely readers and thanks for joining me for the midweek edition :)!

After a few weeks of excerpts, free chapters and more, I wanted to turn today’s ‘writerly spotlight’ on something that I’ve been thinking about more recently. 346 more words

Jackie Jones

Self Publishing vs Traditional

I’ve played with the idea of going to traditional publishing for awhile. My book Horizon was self published and for me, I felt like I took the easy way. 397 more words

Friday Highlights 126

For those of you who might not yet be in the know, Vikings is back! It returned Thursday night and though I haven’t seen the first episode of season 3 yet, I’m very excited to do so.  477 more words

Jackie Jones

Random Wednesdays: Ayestra Calling

Hello lovely readers and welcome to the midweek edition. Here’s hoping the new week is treating you very well :)!

Last week I said I’d share the new book trailer for… 266 more words

Jackie Jones

Making authentic audiences for student writing

The Common Core Standards ask students to write with an audience in mind and to publish writing digitally.  Many adults will argue that school writing was and is different because when you write in real life (depending on your career, usually letters and emails) it is for a purpose and for a specific set of people.   472 more words

Emily Lepkowski

Friday Highlights 125

Any Archer fans tuning in? I started this animated series a couple years after it first premiered and have been hooked since then. The twisted humour associated with this crazy band of secret agents is a treat and I love the interactions of the characters voiced by a talented cast including: … 491 more words

Jackie Jones

Writing a Class Book on Story Jumper

Story Jumper is a website that allows you to create online books with your students, and for an extra cost you can have them printed into real books. 234 more words

Emily Lepkowski