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Call for Chapter Proposals: Music and World War II (edited volume)

Music and World War II (edited volume)
Edited by Roberta Montemorra Marvin and Pamela Potter
Deadline: June 15, 2015 (submission of proposals)

The editors are in preliminary negotiations with Ashgate Press for a collection of essays provisionally entitled… 389 more words

Publishing Opportunities

Book on a Stick

Both medieval manuscripts and their modern counterparts are designed to accommodate human readers. Our two hands can keep an open book under control with ease by applying gentle pressure on the outer margins of the pages. 1,089 more words

Medieval Readers

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As a professional writer, I'm often asked what I think of the changing face of the publishing industry. Do I want to find an agent? Do I want to self-publish? Go strictly e-book? Publish "traditionally"? Really though, the question they most want to ask is: "Are books dying out?" My answer to this is always a laughing "no," simply because--while the industry is certainly changing in many ways--books have always been (and will always be) at once a source of both function and art. In this post from Medieval Books, we can see evidence of this fact in the simultaneously artful, creative, and intensely functional style of different ancient books. Today, as the internet changes our needs, demands, and expectations of books, we are also beginning to see a return to the production of artistically crafted books--that is, books produced as works of art in and of themselves. The content, in this form of publishing, thus becomes art encased in art. For just a few examples of this growing trend, check out: Anteism, Publication Studio, Ugly Duckling Press, Perimeter Books, and Art Metropole.

Top 10 Literary Magazines to Send Your Best Flash (and Maybe Get Accepted Too)

  We want a lot from the journals we send our writing to. We want them to be good, but not so good that they’ll slam their doors on our faces. 2,015 more words


A Schedule of Poetry Chapbook Contests

As I am finally feeling ready to send out a small collection of my recent work for publication, I’ve been on the hunt for as many poetry chapbook contests as I can find. 280 more words


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Stroud Short Stories

The Compass anthology may have moved on to the next stage of the editorial process, but there are other new and exciting publishing opportunities fast approaching.  115 more words

CFP: The Monsters and the Monstrous Journal

CFP: The Monsters and the Monstrous Journal for Volume 5, Number 1 (Summer 2015), “Fairy Tale Monsters / Monstrous Fairy Tales”

This special issue of the… 161 more words

Publishing Opportunities

Gus Van Sant Essays Sought

C47: A Film Journal

Deadline: Rolling, with first reviews 2/15/2015

 C47: A Film Journal, is a new journal of film and media studies published by Portland State University and Ooligan Press, requests submissions for its inaugural issue. 171 more words

Publishing Opportunities