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Undead Rising- Cover Reveal!

Look at this! It’s real! Fantastic work by artist Jessica Pace.


Another hotel room, another night of writing on the road

You’d think I’d be used to writing in hotel rooms by now. Sadly, I’ve discovered that most hotel rooms are the exact opposite of conducive to decent writing time. 354 more words


April 2015 Monthly Meeting Reminder

Salutations wonderful GNYIPA members and visitors,

While the weather in New York has seemed like an elaborate April Fools’ joke these last few weeks, we are still hoping you’ll make it to our latest member meeting for the month of April. 178 more words


And the best news yet...

My novel Ditch Flowers has been accepted for publication. I’m so incredibly happy and proud!

Wait, slow down, right?

Okay, backing up. I began querying literary agents a couple years ago. 688 more words


An Acceptance!

(Originally posted February 2015)

An Acceptance!

I received great news yesterday. A creative non-fiction essay I wrote, called Counting Stars, will be featured on the Brain, Child Magazine blog sometime this March or April! 217 more words


The Horror Crossover Encyclopedia: "The Happiest Hell on Earth"

Join us each week as we share a new excerpt from Robert E. Wronski Jr.’s book, The Horror Crossover Encyclopedia, now available in print and digital editions! 225 more words



We should compose long, angsty songs about the process of writing and create our own music video channel so that we can show the world what is really going on in our basements. 369 more words