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20 Reasons Books Don’t Sell (Part 1)

When your book doesn’t move off the shelves or Amazon warehouses in vast quantities, our first tendency is to point fingers. There is something deep in the human psyche that needs to blame someone when hopes, dreams and plans don’t work out. 845 more words

Marketing And Promotion

Hello From Žižkov-Chapter 5, pgs. 158-163

I woke up early in the morning. Ian had stolen the single blanket at some point in the night.

“Hey, I’m freezing.” I whispered to him. 1,410 more words


Book Banning is Good

Banned Book Week is always a really important time for libraries, especially those who have a big Young Adult following. This is a week where they get to bring attention to those books that have been challenged and talk about why they are important. 505 more words


Spring 2015 Book Stuff update! Video blog! With links and junk!

Three long months you’ve waited. I know, it was a long, cold winter. And finally I’ve had a chance to do a video blog. Which is sad, since I love doing these. 31 more words


Here are some excellent links I thought other writers/independent publishers might find interesting.

The first, from The Spectator, The Civil War For Books Where Is The Money Going… 128 more words