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How Many People Does It Take To Make A Good Marriage?

My daughter-in-law won a postgraduate placement in an internship, and everyone was thrilled for her. But we wondered how she and my son would manage the care of their newborn son if she quit working and went back to school. 658 more words

Grace De Rond




p style=”text-align:justify;”>All situations surrounding you shows that you are in a tunnel, and you find it very hard to see the sunshine, whenever you trid to look up, the sky seems not to be there. 170 more words


Independence Day FREE Title Celebration - Break Up Fiction

How better to celebrate the day after American Independence than by reading about finding yours again at the end of a relationship? For FREE you say? 745 more words


So, yesterday was 4th July. The day the Americans waved goodbye to the Brits (sort of). What do you do the day after a break up? 553 more words

JL Morse

Bi-linear columns

Our latest structural fire engineering paper has just been published online by Engineering Structures. The paper makes the case for detailed structural fire engineering design, and uses the example of “geometrically bi-linear columns” to show that just because a fire resistance is specified – doesn’t mean the structure will achieve it. 155 more words


Pilotage de réseaux stratégiques dans les marchés publics

Cet article montre comment une entreprise peut identifier les réseaux qui lui permettront de former des coalitions pour obtenir des marchés publics. Pour cela, nous avons représenté, à travers un graphe, le système des relations d’alliances de l’année 2008. 93 more words