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Jogging Joys

Today, I had a rare chance to jog through a field. It is rare because there aren’t many public fields around where I live in Florida where I can run. 219 more words


Albert Lea's master plan

ALBERT LEA, Iowa – Residents of one local community are getting some insight about a master plan looking to transform their city.

It’s known as Albert Lea’s Master Plan. 92 more words

Local News

Comunity rules and FAQ

Hey everyone it’s Ryan once again on the site bringing you all of HeadStep’s rules and perks.

First of all if you havn’t already, read Point 6 of plug.dj’s terms of service which explains in detail their rules and guidelines to follow, which we will abide by to. 456 more words


【要ログイン】「AWS+OpenStack」で“ちょうどいいハイブリッドクラウド”は構築可能か [ #cbajp ]

「パブリッククラウド」という言葉を耳にすると、IT部門の大半は瞬時にコスト削減を連想する。米Amazon Web Services(AWS)、米Google、米Microsoftをはじめとした多くのITベンダーがクラウドサービスを提供している。クラウドにアプリケーションを移行すると、確かに企業の支出を抑えることができる。だが、クラウドサービスベンダーを選定する際に、コストに対する評価が決め手になるとは限らない。



Fascinating foams: the mathematics of soap bubbles

Guest Public Lecture by Professor Simon Cox

on March 2, 2015, from 5.30pm to 7pm, in the EMMTEC lecture theatre on the main Brayford Campus of the University of Lincoln… 56 more words


IP Changeover Success & Shiny, New Permissions Features

Migrating to our super cool new IP was a breeze for our users. I just want to throw out a HUGE thank YOU to everyone for trucking through that with me. 214 more words


Scavenger Hunt Quest

I was assigned by my teacher to do a scavenger hunt quest to learn more about school journalism; which was other schools websites with news on it. 214 more words