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Walking Washington Street in February

Walking along Washington Street in February I found patterns of light, varied textures, high contrasts, signs of new growth, festive signs, and layered signs. These photos were taken on Tuesday, February 24 from 1:30 to 2:30 in the afternoon. 163 more words

Four Corners

Video interview 1: Rob Imrie

In this video interview, Rob Imrie, Professor of Sociology at Goldsmiths, University of London, talks about changes in the quality of public space in Britain, his current work on shared social environments and some of the challenges he has experienced as a social scientist working in the design field. 265 more words

Civic Participation

Impression 09/2015

The rose bushes have to wear protective head gear to make it through winter.


"Green Infill" : What does that mean?

The aims of Urban Roots’ ‘Green Infill’ project include a variety of outcomes. But what does ‘Green-Infill’ actually mean? Essentially, our definition of green infill implies taking existing underutilized spaces and converting them to more useful public spaces. 108 more words

Privatization: the Death of Public Life

Dennis Aubrey, photographer of great religious architecture, brought to our attention this edgy view from The Guardian on the deleterious effects of privatization on the city of London. 37 more words


ROMEO DELTA presented: En plein publique

Observation Posts.  City Gardens. Playgrounds.

Public space could be defined as syntheses between architecture, mankind and landscape.  With interventions in public space the designer, photographer, artist and city dresser is creating exceptional experiences. 25 more words

Art In Public Space