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Everybody needs an algorithm

During my time as a copywriting assistant at an IT solutions company, I’ve learnt a lot about how new technology can solve some of the problems organisations face as they move forward into the digital age. 232 more words


The Disillusioned Public Sector Unions

Unions.  Once upon a time, unions had an incredibly important role in shaping worker rights and ensuring that its members were treated fairly and equitably by their respective employers. 475 more words

With AMR announcement, is NASPO distancing itself and the UPPCC certification program from the NIGP? by Jon Hansen

“It appears NIGP just transferred the crown jewels (certification) to NASPO . . . this would have been absolutely unheard of in the past.  Are they (UPPCC) looking to maintain credibility? 751 more words


Is it incapability? Incompetency? Pride? Or is it just pure ignorance?

Is it incapability? Incompetency? Pride? Or is it just pure ignorance? What happens if some national pillars are shorter or are weaker than the rest? Will you trust our national roof to stay in place? 695 more words


And what do you do?

“And what do you do for a living?” is not an unreasonable question, but it is one that I hate being asked. Please don’t get me wrong, I am in no way ashamed of what I do, it’s just that it can be a bit difficult to explain to people. 284 more words


Dear Cons,

Re: ‘GPs’ leader hits out at plans for seven-day surgeries‘ (BBC)

I need my GP to be a doctor of medicine, not a bureaucrat; not an accountant; not a glorified admin clerk. 266 more words


CSC will split into 2 independent companies to specialize services and escape commoditized enterprise IT price structures

By Dakin Smoyer, Research Analyst

CSC’s revenue contracted 12.6% year-to-year in 1Q15 due to underperforming Global Infrastructure Services and Global Business Solutions service lines

On May 19 CSC announced its plan to split into two independent companies: CSC — Global Commercial and CSC — U.S Public Sector, after reporting declining year-to-year revenue every quarter since 1Q13. 534 more words