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Lawmakers debate if state money can help parents choose private schools

AUSTIN (KXAN) — In a lengthy committee room debate, lawmakers debated the idea of allowing state money to go to private schools. The “school choice” movement has never been as strong in Texas as it is now and lawmakers will soon decide on an easier path for parents to choose their child’s school. 472 more words


Throwback Thursday ~ Not Gonna Bow: 5 Reasons Prayer in School Isn't the Magic Bullet Christians Think It Is

Originally published August 29, 2014

“We need to put prayer back in school!” It’s a well worn mantra that many Christians have been shouting from pulpits, in PTA meetings, and now on social media since the early 1960s when it was outlawed. 924 more words


In Praise of Criticism

We’ve become a nation of wimps when it comes to having our mistakes pointed out to us.  Psychological insights have made huge advances in the last one-hundred years, but one area has been emphasized to the point where it has crippled our abilities to make adjustments based on human fallibility:  Self-esteem.  2,016 more words

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We Just Don't Know

Our kids have walked the halls of our neighborhood’s elementary, middle, and high-schools for the past thirteen years.

Today, with the oldest out of the nest and into his first year of university, you’d think we’d have all the schooling philosophy fairly worked out. 1,007 more words

A Firefighter’s Perspective on the Inner Cities of DC, Public Schools, Magic Johnson, and Nelly

I joined my local fire department in the summer of 2014 amidst a transitional period of my life in the shape of a career change. I was leaving my job to enroll in graduate school, and my farewell gift was a coworker’s letter of recommendation to my county’s volunteer fire department, for which I was exceedingly grateful. 1,206 more words


Terry Blackhawk: A Poet in Every School

The Inside Out Literary Arts Program is in its fourth year at Detroit’s Marcus Garvey K-8 Academy and, thanks to a determined group of parent activists who obtained a grant from the Michigan Council for the Arts and Cultural Affairs, has added even more classrooms. 807 more words

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Education Without Scholarship: A Modern Illusion

President Obama’s wish to buy yet more votes with your money presently includes a wish for ‘free’ community colleges for all. Conservative columnist George Will picked at that in a recent column. 394 more words