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"African American Parents Don't Know How To Make Good Decisions for Their Children", Says School Superintendent

There is a debate currently being had in cities and towns all across America over school choice. School choice is the idea that parents should be empowered to make their own decisions concerning the K-12 education of their children. 288 more words

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Rise above the Mark Reactions

Rise above the Mark is a film sponsored by the West Lafayette Schools Education Foundation and created to counter some of the testing and accountability frenzy which has taken over much of education over the past decade.  413 more words

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Procedures - or Not?

When I started my first “real” job at a California bank I was shown volumes of procedures manuals. Once, when I didn’t know what do next, I called someone at head office and was icily informed “It’s in the manual.” Then I switched jobs to different bank, one that prided itself on being small, regional and customer focused. 337 more words

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About me..Introductory Blog

Well I’m a 29 yr old guy from Zimbabwe, an accountant by profession.I work for this big Mining House in the capital city.

Ehh..my life is a bit interesting, or not, i’m not sure how others see it, I have no complains or regrets though. 1,082 more words


So I'm Loving my new job: Graduate Researcher for Experience UGA Program

Last Tuesday was my first week of field trips with children from the Clarke County School District (CCSD) in Athens, Georgia. These lovely ladies are UGA undergraduates from the elementary education program who I supervised today as they worked with CCSD visiting kindergarteners. 1,013 more words

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Protect Educators, Protect Your Community

There isn’t a parent out there who hasn’t agonized over the decision of where to send their child to school. It’s in the back of every childless couples’ minds as they buy their first home and keeps every new parent up at night. 676 more words


Scavenger Hunt Quest

I was assigned by my teacher to do a scavenger hunt quest to learn more about school journalism; which was other schools websites with news on it. 214 more words