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Make or Break: Social Media (JOUR 4460)

For public relations and communications professionals, social media can make or break them. This also goes for students looks for a career in the PR field. 366 more words

The One, The Only Gini Dietrich: A Very Candid Q & A

By Edward M. Bury, APR (aka The PRDude)

Here’s how I remember it: In the Fall of 2002, I agreed to help judge awards entries on behalf of… 943 more words

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Heard of SpinSucks.com? It's for PR in the digital age and related fields and based on the popular book for comms professionals written by Gini Dietrich. One of the guests who's written twice here on TM411, Ali Lawrence was also Gini's guest on SpinSucks.com. I like how Gini says that PR agencies need to evolve or die. True and I agree 100 percent! On my LinkedIn blog, which has a PR focus, it's almost my favorite thing to say. Anyway, here's an interview article with Gini, reposted from Edward Bury's blog named The PRDude.

They're bringing Duckies back

On Wednesday Feb.  26, Disney announced the return of “Duck Tales”, the ‘80s animated series. The show is to air in 2017 on Disney’s teen oriented channel, Disney X D. 540 more words

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Communication is What it is All About

What have we learned throughout our experience together? Let us review:

  • Have a high standard of morals and ethics and follow them.
  • Go where your consumers are – get on social media!
  • 288 more words
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Toms Shoes Social Media Smarts

The clothing apparel brand Toms is one of those untouchable and beautifully crafted brands. They are known for selling shoes but now have branched out to all kinds of apparel. 366 more words

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SeaWorld Aims to Revamp Image After Blackfish Blowback

The once-beloved theme park SeaWorld is still reeling from the effects of the 2013 critical documentary Blackfish, which linked stress caused by holding killer whales captive to the 2010 death of a trainer. 137 more words

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I have absolutely no desire to see whales in captivity, but from a business perspective their marketing strategy would be intersting to watch if successful in any way. 

United Kingdom- Krispy Kreme

A Krispy Kreme in the United Kingdom (UK) was using valentines day and whole week of activities with each day having a different event happening there. 233 more words

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