Latest NPA testimony on bills

After a couple of busy weeks, let me catch up on bills that were heard in committees of the Nevada Legislature Feb. 16-25.

AB113 — Changes the provisions for when a juvenile’s court records may be sealed. 477 more words


How Instagram data exposed a Congressman's expensive travel budget

Gov. Chris Christie isn’t the only person who can use metadata against a politician.

The Associated Press reported Tuesday that Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Il.) has “spent taxpayer and campaign funds on flights aboard private planes owned by some of his key donors.” It discovered this, in part, because of data from Schock’s Instagram. 421 more words


Seeking Great-Aunt Ba-ba

Some people make a lasting impression on you and in the case of Great-aunt Ba-ba it was just as well for I only met her once as a child when she was very elderly.  453 more words


Buck Consultants had contract with MedImpact at time it recommended MedImpact for major contract in Alabama; later repeated recommendation for $500M OGB contract

What began as an 18-month $350 million contract with a San Diego firm with ties to former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich has morphed into a 15-month $500 million agreement with the Office of Group Benefits OGB to administer the state’s prescription drug program for more than 220,000 state employees, retirees and dependents. 1,257 more words


In the wake of scandal, the State of Oregon seeks to restore trust through publishing public records

In a fascinating turn of events, rainy Oregon is embracing sunlight online after a scandal that led to the resignation of its governor. After governor Kate Brown was sworn in as the 38th governor of the state of Oregon, replacing fellow Democrat John Kitzhaber, her administration chose to… 472 more words

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That Jack White contract was worse than we thought

Forget the guacamole.

The Oklahoma Daily, student newspaper at the University of Oklahoma, received some good play for its story about a Jack White concert on campus mainly because they found a clause in the contract with some specific demands for guacamole. 292 more words


More state layoffs expected but some employees continue to dodge bullets and thrive professionally amid economic crisis

Even as Gov. Bobby is busy handing out pink slips to state employees (a new round of layoffs is anticipated momentarily), LouisianaVoice has learned of a couple of unusual hiring practices—one involving yet another retire-rehire, this time by the Department of Public Safety, and a possible case of nepotism that has since quietly been resolved in the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals (LADHH) with the timely transfer of the mother of a LADHH administrator to another agency. 1,353 more words

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