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In Transit

A human in New Kaon is using the train system, but some mechs have other things than the commute to think about. 1,189 more words



I wouldn’t want someone to lose their job because of their own opinion but to shout their hurtful opinions in front of the class especially when it’s targeted towards a student? 123 more words


Public Assignment in honor of me being back!

I love seeing a boy under my care wear my panties. Being able to dress him up and make him pretty is one aspect of it I enjoy. 302 more words

Miss Savage

Cheater Boyfriend Shames Himself In Public For Girlfriend To Forgive Him! [VIDEO]

A man who cheated on his girlfriend went out in public to shame himself and have strangers throw eggs at him and humiliate him in the hopes of his girlfriend forgiving him! 94 more words


OLD NOTEBOOKS: Welcome to Atlantis

Well, I was gonna wait and start this tomorrow, because I’ve got like, um, grading or something to do. But I don’t really want to do that. 4,445 more words


New Beginnings... (aka I'm About to Totally Humiliate Myself, and It's Gonna Be Awesome)

So, I’ve decided to do something totally different with this blog than what I’d initially planned when I created it ten months ago. I didn’t really know what I was doing with my life back then. 2,254 more words


Cops and Body Cameras

Being in IT, I am a huge supporter of awesome gadgets.  Gadgets are crazy fun, some gadgets do cool things like make toast or they do really important things like save lives. 619 more words

Body Cameras