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Met The Girl of My Dreams Annddd Yup, She's Gone.

Twas a bitter wintry afternoon, bright and brilliant in its bleakness. Not a breeze stirred in the barren foliage. All the animals of the forest were cuddled deep in their winter hobbit-holes, making little snoring chitter chatters as they spooned for warmth. 1,224 more words

Making him beg for it...

This blog is the public forum I need to show off my pet. More to follow!

Female Led Relationship

Public Humiliation Is A Great Teacher!

Call me crazy, but I have a problem with being publicly humiliated. Oh, I know full well it’s due to my selfish pride. I get that. 575 more words

Care About Others

Humiliation, shame, fear... taking kids out in public!

By Kirsteen McLay-Knopp

Well, an interesting day today.  A friend and I were in a cafe with six kids… three of mine and her three.  The kids were noisy, not horrendously so, I thought, given that there were six of them aged from seven down to two and a half and they were very excited because they were having a treat (and maybe a tad affected by the sugar content of what they were eating).  1,006 more words

Child Advocacy

I'm Now That Person You Secretly Resent: Delaying the TTC

You know when you’re on the subway and hear those dreaded words, “attention, customers,” followed by an announcement that there’ll be a delay because of a medical emergency crackle over the PA system, and you can’t help but inwardly groan despite yourself since you’re in a rush/you already finished the stupidly easy Sudoku puzzle in the free Metro “newspaper”/you only ate a peanut butter sandwich and apple for lunch and you require more food than that and it’s been five hours and you are, to use the technical term, “hangry” (even though you of course feel bad for whoever’s experiencing said medical emergency because… 565 more words