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Emergency Preparedness: Hurricane Addition

Summer is upon us again, blessing us with warmth, fun, and seasonal bliss.  But don’t forget that along with it comes Hurricane Season.  As always, the season lasts from June 1, 2015-November 30, 2015 and is predicted to be the most active and dangerous in 3 years (Natural Hurricane Survival Initiative, 2015). 224 more words


Sun Worshipers, Unite! Safely...

While the summer sun rays feel inviting and warm, I urge you to remember that those beams can do some serious (and irreversible) skin damage. 201 more words



Hello! As a Public Health Week activity, this blog has been started in an effort to bring more attention to human trafficking, especially in Northeast Ohio. 64 more words

Human Sex Trade

Dancing with Nature: The Sustainable Challenge

I am not much of a professional sports fan these days.  But every year at this time I remember myself as a kid, pulling out my old Maury Wills baseball mitt and Carl Yastrzemski bat from the basement to play outside with my friends, following what seemed like endless winters while growing up in the Midwest. 842 more words

Sustainable Food Systems

Do Antibiotics Raise Diabetes Risk via Gut Microbiota?

People who take multiple courses of antibiotics may face an increased risk of developing both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, potentially through alterations in gut microbiota, conclude US researchers. 751 more words


Should we admire people for ‘just doing their job’?

When pestilence prevails, it is their duty to face danger and continue their labours for the alleviation of suffering, even at jeopardy of their own lives… 1,339 more words

HIV Epidemic in Southern Indiana: Why the social aspects of disease need to be addressed

Last week, the CDC declared a HIV epidemic in Scott County Indiana. As early as January, there were seven noted cases of HIV in an area that suffers from high levels of poverty and injection drug use. 527 more words

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