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Nepal Earthquake : Response by Evidence Aid, Cochrane.

The news about devastation caused by  the Earthquake in Nepal today has caused grief and suffering to a large number of people- the impact  of which is yet to be completely assessed. 390 more words

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In The Global War Against Malaria, "Prevention Is The Best Medicine"

It’s the last saturday of the month of April, and it’s customary for various states to observe environmental sanitation that lasts up till 10am in the morning. 677 more words

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taking shot

Earlier this year my friend and colleague Andrea survived whooping cough.

I say survived because there were times between when she first came down with what she believed to be a cold and her eventual diagnosis that she really thought she would die. 477 more words

Old Singaporean MRSA Isolates (1980's and 1990's)

A major highlight of working on the Singapore MRSA evolution and competition study was obtaining the very old MRSA isolates from the 1980’s and 1990’s. One of the biggest issues in the Singapore clinical microbiology scene – to me – is the loss of historical isolates (and the lack of any attempts to correct this to date). 696 more words


Guidelines for antiretroviral therapy in HIV-1 infected adults and adolescents 2014, Thailand

New evidence has emerged regarding when to commence antiretroviral therapy (ART), optimal treatment regimens, management of HIV co-infection with opportunistic infections, and management of ART failure. 106 more words


A good cry on the Senate floor

So David Zuckerman gave an emotional speech today.

Two days after the Vermont Senate voted to end the philosophical exemption for parents who don’t want their kids vaccinated, a senator opposed to the change delivered a tearful address about being attacked online, his father’s death and how scientific uncertainty led him to his decision.

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Ok, I’ve become accustomed to hearing about what I refer to as the “diagnosis du jour”– the legitimate condition that the media helps the public become obsessed with, leading to overdiagnosis and epidemic-like rates of cases. 481 more words