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Why are we doing this? What’s the point?

Strong public schools lead to strong communities. When the strength of the public schools is called into question through misinformation, everyone hurts. Local government, businesses, and families must scramble to face the effects of this new perception. 219 more words


Islam Exposed

Once the American public grasps a couple of simple facts about Islam and the Middle East, the Liberal idea of COEXIST will get thrashed, trashed and discredited forever. 645 more words

The Liberal Plantation

Nashville Public Education Foundation RESET Saturday

‘The mission of Project RESET (Reimagining Education Starts with Everyone at the Table) is to elevate the conversation on education as we approach a vital time in Nashville’s history. 124 more words


Show Some Support

One problem with our capitalist system is the subjective nature of the value we place on the work individuals do, which then translates into objective salaries.  1,713 more words

Public Education

"The Conservative War on the Humanities" | History News Network

What would happen if we completely abandoned the humanities in higher education? The world would be very bleak! (see interview with Michael S. Roth)

This subject is related to my… 122 more words


"This Is What Happens When You Slash Funding for Public Universities" | The Nation

In Arizona the state legislature cut $99 million dollars from the higher education budget, and it is even worse in places like Wisconsin and Louisiana. This trend has been going on for some time, but the economic crisis prompted even more severe cuts to higher education. 190 more words


A billionaire walks into a bar...

NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia publicly announced that NEA would not take money from Billionaire Bill Gates and his foundation. Then the NEA, with her consent, took money from Gates. 448 more words