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The pros and cons of public, private and hybrid clouds

By now, you’ve heard about the cloud -– and you’ve also likely heard about the benefits of using cloud computing for your business or enterprise. 168 more words


Cloud computing by the numbers: The rise of the private and hybrid cloud

Data and research suggests that hybrid and private cloud computing is on the rise, and more and more enterprises are adopting multi-cloud strategies than in previous years. 158 more words


If cloud is the future, HP may be in more trouble than we thought

Hewlett-Packard, like all of its hardware-oriented tech rivals, has acknowledged that cloud computing is essential to the future. So yesterday’s HP earnings report has got to concern HP boosters. 560 more words


Charting a Course in the ERP Clouds

For many SMBs, limited IT resources and budgets are the norm. This makes keeping pace with technology requirements an uphill battle.

Over the past several years, cloud-based solutions have helped SMBs put technology solutions to work with less cost and complexity, and more flexibility, than traditional on-premise deployments. 477 more words


VENOM - A Potentially Serious Virtual Machine Exploit

VENOM is a virtual machine bug which exploits the floppy disk controller used in some hypervisors and allows an attacker to break out of a guest O/S and escape into a host O/S. 181 more words

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Get ready for another wave of cloud evangelism

If you are an information technology professional and haven’t had your fill of cloud computing hype, er, information, brace yourself: There is lots more on its way. 632 more words


The Appification of Small Business

Small businesses are at the tipping point of broad-based cloud adoption. This from a new research report from Intuit that shows how big an opportunity this is for developers and cloud solution providers. 232 more words

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