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Lesson 271 Thoughtful Solutions or More Malarkey?

Anticipating the upcoming primaries, it is only natural that I would be wondering if this election season will be any better than the last. I would hope that many past candidates are now ashamed of much of what they said and the mean-spirited tone of their attacks. 196 more words

Lessons Learned

Why Krauthammer's Brain?

A cynic would certainly say that it is a not too subtle ploy to draw the curious to this space with a blatant use of a celebrity’s name.  190 more words

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The Tyranny of Trifles

In his interesting book on his travels from Turkey to Pakistan, “Stranger to History”, Aatish Taseer has devoted one chapter titled “The Tyranny of Trifles” to the ways in which authoritarian regimes seek to maintain their hold on power. 1,390 more words

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