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London pub closures - the disappearing boozers of the East End

That proud symbol of Britishness, the local pub, is under threat.

For many, pubs are a ‘third place’, somewhere away from the constraints of work and home, a place where people go to meet friends, go on dates, kill time or drown their sorrows. 1,875 more words


'Slieve Bloom Mountains, County Offaly'

Oil on canvas.

On display in The Bleeding Horse Creative Space, 24/25 Upper Camden St. Dublin 2, Ireland.

Until 30th June 2015.

Pub 210 - Seohyeon

Wednesday is wing night for me and my excuse to overeat my favorite bar food. The anticipation of the binge is the best way I’ve found to get through the first half of the week. 313 more words


Palomino Smokehouse

If my brothers visit me again in Calgary, I would take them to the Palomino. There aren’t many places in Vancouver that serve up so many meatalicious dishes in a delightful western style saloon. 355 more words


...the best laid plans of mice and men...

…are oft done in the pub.

The first layout ideas on paper after East London’s finest fish and chips (we recommend The Grapes at Westferry).

The Commons

I will not pretend to be some hoity and toity connoisseur of cuisine.  The only thing I know is that now I consider myself to be a pretty decent home chef, eating out is less of a pleasure and more of a stress over how much money I’m going to waste on something I could have prepared much better at home.  393 more words


Episode 348: What a Clucking Fuss!

Here in England we have some really lovely old buildings, some of them like this old pub, go back to the 8th century, and they often have weird and wonderful names too, which tend to have a history behind them. 185 more words