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" not every guy is into you, and if you want a relationship, don't give up the cookie so quick"

I strive for having intense and intimate relationships and I’m fully aware that one can not achieve that in a one night stand. Also i have gotten to know myself and one night stands are not sexually satisfying as they are exciting for the pure rush and curiosity. 582 more words

Soft Rejection #2: Running girl with Headphones on

This is one of the most funniest and awkwardest rejections that I ever had.

This girl actually lived near to my residence a couple of years back. 685 more words

Approach Girls

What PUA's won't tell you about ladies.

You have probably been searching the entire web on how to get ladies and get laid, you have probably read lots of books and theories online, but none seems to be working, they all have something in common, which is to present to you some complicated procedures and very difficult things to observe , like say, asking you to monitor her blinking rate , lmao… So outrageous, some even ask you to watch her body language, like if she is crossing her leg, if her body is facing you, if she is playing with her hair and all that. 519 more words


Inner Game vs Outer Game: Lets Clear the Air (Part One)

There has been a lot of backlash lately from the entire world towards the pickup community. This stems from The Times article on Julian Blanc a dating coach and self-proclaimed pickup artist. 768 more words


Torero residential S02E03

We found the promised land of Warsaw hotness, a pedestrian / public-transport traffic hub that locals call “the pan”. Its a sunk little square with a whole bunch of associated walkways that connect pedestrian tunnels, streetcar- bus- and metro-stations, and also the Arkadia mall. 449 more words