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Toronto police investigating PUA who posted video saying a woman should be "stabbed and cut up into tiny pieces"

Well, this is pretty freaking disturbing. Metronews.ca reports that

Toronto police are looking closely at video of a Toronto pick-up artist who filmed himself muttering about stabbing a girl who turned him down.

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Men's Rights

A Pickup Artist Is A Salesman

I had the pleasure (?) recently of sitting down with two guys who consider themselves “pickup artists”. They’d like to remain anonymous, for obvious reasons. One of them is a Twitter follower and happens to live pretty close to me, so he invited me out. 923 more words

Settling into Prage

Here’s a short blurb on how I’m doing in Prague. I just arrived; as I write this its the beginning of my 3rd day. It always takes a couple days to settle into a new city and Prague’s no different, even though I’ve been here before (for business, not for daygame). 571 more words


The Best Piece of Dating Advice I’ve Ever Received

I know what you’re thinking. I’m probably going to go into some of that pickup artist mumbo jumbo. I will not. However, in order to get to the conclusion, it is necessary to address the “pickup artist society”. 398 more words

Cougar - Milf Bars in Tyson Corners VA

So for a while I have been trying to find a site, blog or community that helps you find good spots to interact with sexy, smart, mature middle aged females. 169 more words

Take Immense Action in Your Life

Throughout specific points in my life, I experienced many self realizations but none of them are as important as the one I’m about to emphasize. 470 more words