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The demographics of Pickup, Polyamory, Kink.

Pickup, polyamory, kink.  My three favorite things in life.  To me they are inseparable like physics, biology and chemistry.  If I had to give up any one of these three core foundations of my sexuality, I would drown myself in a toilet.   488 more words

One thing the media could talk about more

… is the problem of the hateful white male. Let’s stop calling them “angry.” Let’s use the correct word. Hateful.

Not a week goes by without a racist white cop going berserk on a victim of color that may or may not leave them dead. 462 more words

Principle Of Masculine Power: Build Others Into Leaders

We have this fad of doctrines teaching the ignorant that they must have followers, fans, admirers. That leaders must be surrounded by weak men or weak women.

564 more words

Leah Morrigan: Women At Clubs Are Bitches. Men Are Responsible For This

Men’s image consultant (whatever that is), Leah Morrigan, laments that somehow, men have not only ruined women, but dating in the modern world. How is this? 1,694 more words

Feminism Outer Party

Make Girls Desperate For You: Learn to Give Value Instead of Looking for it

Last week I was coaching a student who recently got into pickup and after the first day session of going out and doing approaches he was feeling bad about his results. 564 more words

Your Flirty Joke Is My Reality

I forget whom I saw write about how some of the ways that nonBDSM people are free to talk about sexuality while hinting at kink, or at least “vanilla with sprinkles”, but it was probably… 1,063 more words

Communication Skills