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Senate Committee Approves Historic Measure to Increase Veterans' Access to Medical Marijuana


Why are Veterans’ not allowed to discuss Medical Marijuana with VA doctor? How the next round of votes go, I can’t predict. 436 more words

Mental Illness

What I Want

As I prayed tonight, this is what came to me, this is what I want to say to those people whom I love so dearly who are suffering silently: 26 more words


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or P.T.S.D. as it is most commonly known, is not a joke. Most people think that the only ones who suffer from it are the brave service men and women who have seen and lived some of the most terrible things. 1,093 more words

In Real Life

PTSDiaries: On running into my rapist at work

My followers may have noticed that I didn’t post on my usual day. Sorry if that ruined your week, haha! It was a hard week, and I’m sorry that my wonderful followers had to suffer for it. 612 more words


Memorial Day

I am at a loss of how many people were able to upset me in no time flat. I know this weekend would bring up feelings and emotions but for some reason this weekend is a whole new area for me. 86 more words

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