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An Insight Into My Mind

Hello lovelies,

Unfortunately I’ve been a bit trapped in my thoughts lately, struggling to see things with a clear perspective. I thought that it might help if I wrote down what I was feeling, so when I was a bit better I could look back and see what I could do to help myself in the future. 1,689 more words

Mental Health

Broken Speech

A recurring theme that I have noticed in both Mrs. Dalloway and The Sun Also Rises is isolation. The veterans of World War I find it difficult to connect, to communicate with others, especially with those who did not experience the war firsthand. 987 more words

"Plain Clothes " The Light And Darkness of the PTSD

By: Austin Winter-Chase

This is a deeply moving and insightful film about PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and the  toll it takes  on one’s life “Plain Clothes” is written and directed by Sam Jaeger (Parenthood, American Sniper) who also stars as Officer Cole. 127 more words


Valhalla Mind

When vikings died in battle,
To Valhalla was their way
Their prize to fight forever,
Their epic wars still played.

At night they whored and feasted… 181 more words



For anyone interested, I run a Facebook page. I’m not much of a blogger and more of a Facebook person but generally content will be on both Fb and here but for anyone who is interested, the link is below! 7 more words