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Mental Illness

Oooh, scary title, huh? Envisioning crazed criminals? Thinking of your eccentric, reclusive relative? Stirring up memories of your ex’s possesiveness?
Think again. I live with a mental illness. 511 more words

The Scarlet Letter

This morning I went to work to feeling like I needed to explain myself to everyone. It has been a bad couple of days lately…well not bad…wrong word. 995 more words


Does food make me crazy?

So shortly after my last post, I realized that my Bella wasn’t breathing right. After panic that  felt like it lasted forever, and a trip to the emergency vet, she is finally getting back to herself. 365 more words

Prolonged Exposure Therapy Part 2

***********TRIGGER WARNING***********TRIGGER WARNING***************TRIGGER WARNING****************

Timeline: Week 1 of Imaginal Exposure
Friday 27 February: Did the imaginal exposure for the 1st time. Was really rough. Sobbed, cried. 768 more words


How do people get up and go everyday?

Today is one of the worst I’ve had lately. I couldn’t sleep last night. Dawn came before sleep did and then my alarm went off. I just couldn’t face the day. 181 more words

a dream

The house has an eerie feel. It’s silent but in an agitated way. That feeling of disquietude overtakes me as I walk upstairs and find my hubby dead from an overdose. 123 more words