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Dealing With Anger For Those With or Without a Mental Illness

Well, anger is something that I am sure a lot of people deal with.  I would suppose even people who seem happy and nice all the time must have the problem and somehow suppress it.  1,498 more words

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A Dose of Psychosis

The first time I thought I was Jesus, I imagined people from all over the world coming to stand below our balcony in Hollywood, and clamoring to be near me. 377 more words


Dear Diary: Episode 3 || Got Psychic?

Dear Diary,
It’s late. I’m tired. I have to work in the morning. But before I got to bed, or while laying in bed really, I thought I’d give you something to think on. 345 more words

Dear Diary

A psychotic episode...

There’s a spiral, like a giant corkscrew cutting into my head. There’s a ringing, not in my ears but in my head, varying in volume and pitch. 323 more words



I stare at this spot about eight times each day from Monday to Friday, all by myself. So I decided to share this with you. In case you have one too? 19 more words


Am I Losing My Mind?

I have read articles that suggest that having a psychotic episode damages the brain. I have read other articles that suggest that it is antipsychotic medications that damage the brain. 533 more words


Inside the Mind of a Psychopath

If you were to meet my husband you would probably think he’s a bit odd in a boyish and awkward way. You might think he’s not too bright and might even pity him. 1,811 more words

Breaking Free