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Earlier last week I took the time to reconnect with a family friend. During the visit we took the chance to watch Excision together. We knew absolutely nothing about this film going in and it proved to quite the experience. 551 more words


On the most disturbed

My unit has been hell for close to two weeks. This aggressive monster (Sorry not sorry for the monster label) has been terrorizing everyone on a daily basis. 500 more words

Trouble Every Day

I found this film very underwhelming. I had heard that Trouble Every Day was a must see and a great, if slightly obscure horror flick. But I just couldn’t get into it and I tried, oh goodness did I try. 514 more words


Depression and its symptoms

If I were to be asked what the disease of this age is, as I psychologist I would definitely answer with depression. Just like there was a plague called  885 more words



Horns… well it’s a movie? It’s not that I have mixed feelings about Horns, it’s that I just don’t have any. I don’t know what I was thinking going into this movie, but it wasn’t this. 515 more words


Broken Trust: There Must be a Better Solution

Trust. Imagine it. Think about it. Let the concept seep into your brain.

How many times a day do you trust someone?

You trust that your house was built safely, that the roof won’t cave in or the walls won’t fall down. 362 more words