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What's cluttering up YOUR space?

Find five things on your desk that are taking up space but unused.

  1. Empty water glass, been there for at least 3 weeks
  2. Note pads, various sizes, some empty, some half-used…
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General Interest


Zombie Love

No more than 30 characters
And there you are,
All over my gray matter again.
Neural pathways long thought dead

Reincarnate and I’m running… 50 more words


An echo of aggression from developing countries: a source for further unrest!

I was always curious to know the key of attention and I found it hard enough to get any specific or conclusive answer. There is no doubt in it that concentration or focus is the one crucial and significant part of a life to achieve success.

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Personality And Personality Disorders

The Thought Police And Their Backup, The Etiquette Fuzz

When I was arrested last weekend by the Thought Police, I thought to myself: Well, well. Here we are again.

I’ve never been arrested before, and certainly not by the Thought Police (with their backup squad the Etiquette Fuzz), so it wasn’t that. 1,020 more words


Movie Review - "Beverly Hills Cop II"

In this R-Rated movie, Eddie Murphy returns as Axel Foley in “Beverly Hills Cop II”.  The scene is Beverly Hills, where the Alphabet Crime gangster Karla Fry (Brigitte Nielsen) leads a timed heist of a jewelry store in the “A” crime.   1,170 more words