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The Power of Vulnerability- Regarding Connection

I watched this today, which was really inspiring. The message basically boils down to living as yourself wholeheartedly- courage, to foster compassion to self and others, then ultimately to see vulnerability as something necessary, and beautiful. 37 more words

To do or not to do

You just might want to go for a walk but wait are you done with the dishes yet. To do what the heart says and not to do what the brain rejects is somewhat we all wish we didnt have to think. 96 more words



One of my favorite put-downs has always been “What, are you two years old or something?”

Lately, however, I have been rethinking the wisdom of this phrase.  736 more words


What #DesperateHousewives Taught Me About Life

I used to watch Desperate Housewives religiously. Every Sunday night, you would find me and my parents settled on the couch, eagerly anticipating what new drama would unfold next on Wisteria Lane. 630 more words

This Simple Thing Can Make You Much More Convincing, According to Research

Research shows that consistency in tone is extremely persuasive. People who don’t get shaken up and maintain a smooth approach have a natural advantage.

Stuttering, long pauses, pitch of the voice going up and down… none of these inspire confidence. 483 more words

The Red Pill

“To study psychological trauma is to come face to face both with human vulnerability in the natural world and the capacity for evil in human nature.  

1,462 more words