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"Public shaming as a blood sport must end"

“Public shaming as a blood sport” is the difference between keeping the public up to date with what is going on in the public square and transforming the same public square into a stand up comedy venue. 71 more words


Insight 4: A rare tale

This is a rare insight to one of my experiments. I, myself, have never wrote down my experiments during the process of their creation or ever really… 300 more words

‘Why on earth was he allowed to fly?’ Why not?

Before I start this post, on behalf of Research The Headlines, I would like to convey our sympathy and condolences to the families and friends who have lost their loved ones in the recent Germanwings plane crash.  726 more words

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Beautiful Snapshots of Mental Illness

Physical health and mental health have never been regarded equally. The mentally ill are often viewed as crazy or frightening. Although a person with cancer would never be told to “just try harder,” illnesses such as depression are often judged as something a person has control over. 230 more words

Expectations: Part 1

I guess it’s in the title right? Expectations.. The expectation of being happy… It’s to high.

Part 1: Depression

Humans all over the world have depression. 1,456 more words


Deepest Depths of the Mind

Deepest Depths of the Mind

What will we find

When we go to the deepest depths of the mind?

Will we accept what we see… 92 more words


Managing Stress

Placed it in point of view. Possibly you’re frustrated that you didn’t get an advancement you were up for or worried that cash is somewhat tight not long from now as a result of a surprising hospital expense. 357 more words