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Emotions, (lack of) romance, and neuronormativity

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When I was fifteen, a sophomore in high school, my introductory psychology class taught us about attachment styles.

Like a lot of theories that posit several different options for how different people think and interact, this was one of those things that invited comparing yourself to each style and trying to figure out which one fit you. 923 more words

Internal Experiences

Some of the Tomes

1 tenth of one percent, but they were seminal!

Was he aiming the kick at his head?

The incident happened at KGV school.

I guess you need another camera angles. But it really looks like the kid was aiming his foot at the head and not the ball. 24 more words

Hong Kong


Externalizers: Game Players. Character Development idea

Common Characteristics of All Game Players: Egocentric

The answer is always outside of themselves no matter how many professions they make to the contrary. 967 more words

Destructive thoughts

Sometimes I know the way I’m acting is not right. And at the same time, I feel extremely helpless because I don’t know how to change. 176 more words


Kindness Connection Brings Out Our Humanity

Kindness Connection Brings Out Our Humanity – by Annie Mimi Hall

Posted on February 3, 2015 by Kindness Blog

I  was looking through some counseling literature, which said;

845 more words


A Philosophical Exercise in Listening

Currently my best friend is taking a 100 level philosophy class that studies valid arguments and paradoxes. As a person who studies math, which relies on people agreeing on certain core assumptions, philosophy’s constant scrutiny of what people assume to be true is disconcerting. 670 more words