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Dealing with Stress

Life is filled with stress; meeting deadlines, upcoming test and exams, having so many things to do etc. Stress is a natural part of life, hence it’s very important in knowing how to deal with it. 152 more words


The No Good, Terrible, Very Bad Mood

Why this crushing pain, this? Why this emptiness? This lonely? Why this darkness that is like a steamroller that flattens and destroys? I am trying not to think of the hurt that is corroding my rib cage as we speak, but I cannot stop. 244 more words

Mental Health

Eat the Olives; Otherwise it's Not a Martini

Okay, Okay, so I haven’t been writing consecutively like I had planned, however, as I’ve learned during my adjustment class; I can’t let my failures hold me back (in this case, failing to not stick with my self change plan), I have to keep going, I haven’t gone over the edge of the cliff yet, I just have to keep writing. 83 more words

Psychology Project

Dream Blogging - Sesame Tree

I had this dream earlier in the week. I was at my mother’s place and I was going to cook Spaghetti, when some landscape gardeners showed up. 632 more words


How To Stop Yourself Being Ticklish - with Dr Emily Grossman Are...

How To Stop Yourself Being Ticklish – with Dr Emily Grossman

Are you ticklish? Dr Emily Grossman shows you how to use the science of tickling to stop yourself squirming when you’re tickled.

111 more words

More Speculation (i.e. I Have no Clever Title for This Entry) 


Maybe it needed to be done. The truth needed to come out. And I understand why he would not respond to me except in a low voice in person. 526 more words