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Facebook Psychology Tests

Recently, there have been “worries” that following the ‘rainbow profile edit’ people could readily access through Facebook to ‘show support for gay marriage’, the team over at Facebook have been performing some elusive psychology test on us. 409 more words


The sex talk

I have an exciting thought for you. What if we go around telling the truth to children who ask us how babies are born?

Don’t freak out. 417 more words


"Bringing Up Bebe" by Pamela Druckerman: Part Three

It’s been a lengthy set of notes for this book. In case you missed them, here is Part One and here is Part Two. 1,433 more words


Abandoned Warehouse - 25th October 2010

I was in the rafters of an abandoned warehouse and I could hear Adam but couldn’t see how to get down to him. I was walking through the different rooms within the warehouse; there was abandoned chairs, moving floors, and two children hiding behind a table. 95 more words


A Fractured Mind, by Robert Oxman

Being a fanatic reader on neuroscience, psychology and the Theory of Mind, this book recommended by another book I liked. I thought it worthwhile expanding my knowledge in the fascinating study of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), also known as Multiple Personality Disorder, by reading a book written by a person who is struggling with such a disorder. 482 more words