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Urban Fantasy: Murderers.

Warning: This does touch on the topic of abuse. No graphic details are given but it is mentioned and possible scenarios are outlined. 

Urban fantasy quite often revolves a crime or a mystery, there’s some element there of the need to solve and uncover some mystery. 841 more words


Prey Drive For Speculative Fiction Authors.

I suppose I’ve been on a bit of a kick recently with psychology stuff relating back to dark urban fantasy as of late. So, here we have another post along those lines! 1,094 more words


The Psychology Of Turning Someone.

As you’re aware, I’m very interested in psychology and I’m a dark urban fantasy author, so I quite often ponder the intersection between the two. That led to me considering the potential psychological problems and disorders that could arise when someone is turned. 1,278 more words


Interspecies Body Language.

I’m a developmental editor with a love of psychology (I’m including body language under that header). Now that we’ve got that out of the way and you have some clue as to where this post idea came from, let’s dive in shall we? 1,343 more words



The story which is currently labelled Prague Noir or Dark City depending on the day, focuses quite a bit on addiction. Ellie (which may become Ellis or Elle) is an addict. 586 more words


How Are We Wired?

This past weekend, my two-year-old and I were watching Toy Story 3. Spoiler alert: For those of you who haven’t seen this movie, there is a portion near the end where the toys are all put in danger and end up on their way to an incinerator in a city trash dump. 402 more words

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