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Five Things You Should Never Do

Change demands energy! Here are five energy wasters that seem subtle, soft, and innocuous. But they are choices that absorb a lot of energy. If you make changes in any of these areas, you’ll have a lot more energy to spend on making worthwhile changes. 772 more words

The Cardinal Climax - One Last Time

March is a transition month, winter officially ends and spring begins at the Spring Equinox each year.  We leave darkness behind and step into the light of a new year.  716 more words


What's Google for?

It’s great how easy it is to look up something. We’re really good at getting answers. This in turn made me think questions. Isn’t it even more important to ask right questions? 46 more words


I'm a Puerto Rican in San Francisco

A Puerto Rican in San Francisco

Do you know the song by Sting called “Englishman in New York.”  It’s a pop Jazz wannabe fusion melody.  Admittedly, it is a little catchy but would be wholeheartedly out of place nowadays with its phrases such as “I’m a legal alien.”  Nonetheless, despite all those things working against the song, I have found myself humming it.  810 more words


The Future of Selfies

In a distant, alternate universe, Tami has just snapped and shared her 10,000th selfie. She becomes the first person to do so in a mere 5 years. 978 more words


Human cortical evolution gene found: ARHGAP11B


memo: Thickness of the cerebral cortex is a good proxy for intelligence.

Several years ago, another group had discovered that this gene had arisen after an ancestral gene made an incomplete copy of itself.

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