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The validation of the polygraph examination in forensic psychiatry

An interesting abstract to establish the validity of the use of lie detection techniques when establishing insanity.

Access the full site here.


There is increasing demand for psychiatric expert testimony in criminal proceedings. 234 more words


Permit me a quick rant as I walk the line

Permit me a rant aimed at mean-spirited researchers: As I walk the line

As you know I am a research psychologist by training. However, I am not one in the everyday world of craziness. 580 more words


On talking to students about school, particularly high schoolers.

Oscar Fernandez (find him @EverydayCalc) recently wrote a charming little article about how to talk to your high-school-aged kids about math.  Well worth the quick read, if you’re a parent, or might someday be a parent, or happen to interact with other people’s kids.  785 more words

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Nauseous cocktail party pleasantries

Editors note: Have fun with this.  Satire is needed in our lives!

Here is a typical boring conversation you have probably engaged at a cocktail party: 1,184 more words


The Wonderful Power of a Nap

Life has its way of wearing us down. From the hyper-connectivity social media frenzy to the busybody work days we put ourselves through; seldom do we have time to sit back and recharge. 442 more words


I'm Starting to Get Dizzy

This week has been insane.

The whole unexpected adoption re-evaluation has taken up way more energy and effort then either one of us would have preferred. 755 more words


The Threshold of Your Own Mind

“If he is indeed wise he does not bid you enter the house of his wisdom, but rather leads you to the threshold of your own mind.”  – Kahlil Gibran, … 206 more words