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When liberals speak of 'privilege', they are trying to obscure issues of class


– because they themselves, are often middle class and part of the problem.

A poor white male in a trailer park isn’t better off than a middle class Chinese girl. 67 more words


Getting Out of Your Own Way

What does it even mean to get out of my own way?

To stop letting my “self” distract me from what I’m trying to do.  These distractions are thoughts or actions that don’t help and can hinder what I’m trying to do. 181 more words


Wars & Waiting Games.

Ever-concerned by origins,
plagued by what may be to come.
Explanations void, at least in terms
of the conventional,
appropriate preparations
are forever uncertain.

Are these short-circuits or upgrades, 174 more words


Strength to Compete

Excess of strength is the only proof of strength.  

We must strive, fight, and harden ourselves, continuously improve and overcome, to outstrip and outpace our rivals.   475 more words


Thank you

When I thought of the idea of actually writing a life journal for public consumption, I was slightly afraid. It’s not like that hasn’t been done before but I wondered how would people receive my mad philosophical ramblings. 345 more words

Being Yourself

Minnesota Psychologist License Renewal & CE Info

From the Minnesota Board of Psychology

Minnesota psychologists have a biennial license renewal deadline and are required to complete 40 CE credits for every renewal period. 179 more words

Continuing Education

On The 'Net: Letting 'Em Have The Last Word

I began arguing on the Internet some twenty-seven years ago. I haven’t stopped yet. At first, it was all about the Usenet newsgroups; later it was mailing lists–private and public, online conferences, blog posts, blog comments spaces, … 986 more words