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Altruism By Way of Awe?

Heroin and its use as a potent but maligned palliative for terminal cancer pain was a topic on which I intended to write, but I put that aside. 919 more words


Psychological research on Morality

This summer 2015 I and my colleague Ms. H. Matundu are conducting a psychological research on morality. The dogma of morality was considered a Philosophical problem  in the ancient Greek era and to date it is still  nearly as problematic as it was in those days. 152 more words

Jesse Omoregie

The Science Behind Our Annoying Facebook Statuses

‘Ugh’, ‘FML’, ‘I can’t believe that just happened’.

Is just one example of a vague, annoying, slightly attention-seeking status that makes us wish people on Facebook would just shut up. 1,229 more words


Why do mice and researchers get it wrong?

By David Joel Miller.

Why don’t the things we find in mouse studies work for humans?

Mice can get it wrong! 1,038 more words
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K-Level #3 - Ethics and Psychology

As psychology is the study of the human mind and behaviour, most psychological research uses human participants. For this reason, ethics are very important in psychology as they are there to ensure no harm comes to the participants of any study. 555 more words