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I used to be a fashion girl, knowing and perhaps wearing the latest, if not the ones not yet in people’s mind, some kind of a trendsetter but in small, had no effect on others nor the fashion society a’la mass. 567 more words


How We Are Outwitted By Satan

We are often confused about the main way the enemy of our souls attacks us.

Now I’m sure that he comes against us in many different ways, all of which I myself do not know; but I think we too often imagine Exorcist-like warfare with crosses held high and twisting heads as in the movie. 515 more words

Keeping busy. 

Tonight we decided to watch the originals Psycho movie. We watch Bates Motel as a family. We absolutely love it. So we were excited to see some similarities and differences between the show and the movie. 385 more words


Disclaimer: This post is obviously not about the movie. So if you are here for Stephen, you might as well go ahead with all your other jobs.

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for Mr. Bates

  • “Realisant mon espoir Je me lance, vers la gloire … OK”

    He scratched the back of his head with an urgency and flashed her the biggest grin.

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Mind game

Ph. by Mary Ellen Mark

This is not my favorite from her, but sums up my days if not my life.

Wanting the feeling of living in the moment for the moment, to acknowledge and realize every single frame – 24 in a second – my being of now. 1,129 more words