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Your Horoscope... Deciphered!

Aries (21 March-20 April)
Your inability to distinguish between reality and fiction will be highlighted when Steve – the angel who stops the photocopier from working properly – really crosses the line before an important meeting. 457 more words


Totally Free Psychic Reading – Have Faith In Destiny

Without a doubt, each of us is often born with different destiny! Although you can sometimes feel jealous of your buddies happiness and success, keep in mind that you yourself also possess potential goodness which is unconsciously hidden. 182 more words

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Post Script: The Shut Eye - Belinda Bauer

The Shut Eye

Belinda Bauer

Random House UK, Transworld Publishers

Bantam Press

ISBN: 9780593072875




Bauer’s great gift is her ability to surprise the reader’ Sunday Telegraph… 189 more words

Post Script: Book Reviews


Have you ever said, “I wish I knew how you feel.” to anyone? How about, “I know exactly how you must feel.”? Does that ring a bell? 470 more words


Talking to Animals

The field of mediumship and psychics involves many forms of communication such as automatic writing, channeling, séances, and psychometry with the goal of speaking with spirits. 1,692 more words


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For all the animal lovers!

So I Married A Psychic

Because I refer to her so much, I do get the occasional email from readers asking what it’s like living with a psychic.  I’ve put off writing this post for a long time mostly because it has nothing to do with me.   2,308 more words


Making a cloud disappear by psychokinesis in April 2015

Video: weather control by mind power.  By psychokinesis make a cloud in the sky disappear.