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How to get an excellent Psychic Reading

A great psychic reading ought to shimmy your chakras on the far side the other life expertise, it ought to open up a gap of thinking that maybe you had not thought of before. 478 more words


StoryADay in May -- Day Twenty: Psychics and Planes

prompt: write a story in present tense

Psychics and Planes

The alarm clock reads 4:11 again. Every morning for the past week, I wake up at 4:11 and can’t go back to sleep. 792 more words


Haunted Drivel–The Eerie Power Of Video Editing

I found yet another paranormal “reality” TV show recently as I was idly flicking through the hundreds of channels available nowadays. This one is called… 1,115 more words


Daily Mindfulness Meditation

Daily Meditation Techniques

Regular daily meditation has many health benefits including greater peace of mind, lessening of anxiety, reduction of stress and better physical and emotional health. 803 more words


Where the Heck do they come from? Blog Post 1

So many opinions about where the psychic flashes come from!  Some people automatically hop on the “evil devil worship” bandwagon, and will shout loud and long that any kind of psychic information comes straight from Satan.   213 more words

Why I will no longer give spiritual readings or seek them.

(Just when I was beginning to get pretty good…)

Once I found that I had what some would call ‘gifts’ I figured hey why not offer them to others! 661 more words



Many families have traditions, annual trips, camping outings and visits to Gramma and Grampa’s house. It’s a struggle for young couples to get their kids the vacations you want for them. 326 more words