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Psychic who was no help in solving murder now claims she helped police

A version of this post was published at Doubtful News.

by Bo Gardiner

Connecticut media needs remedial critical thinking training.  Earlier this month, Connecticut Public Radio aired… 1,349 more words


Amazon Best Sellers

I’m thrilled to announce that my paranormal, The House on Serpent Lake, has hit Amazon’s Best Sellers list for ghost stories. It’s #8.

I don’t know how long it’ll stay there as the list is updated hourly, but I’m going to take a screen shot. 13 more words

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Choose Your Company Wisely

Oakland County Psychic Sherrie Ellen

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Keep Your Vibrations High

I try to envelope myself within only the lightest and highest of vibrations so that I am able to keep my channels clear and stable enough to bring in absolutely the most brilliantly possible psychic messages for my deserving clients. 1,065 more words

Michigan Psychic

Have I ever seen a ghost?

A radio interviewer once asked me if I’d ever seen a ghost. ‘ No,’ I replied, ‘ unfortunately I haven’t. At least  . . .’  I hesitated, ‘as far as I know . 1,045 more words


Dealing with Prophecy

Feb. 22, 2015

Hi Everyone,
Wow! Another belief hits the dirt! I got rid of “It’s better to give than to receive”, and now I’m letting go of… 594 more words


Learn Psychometry

Psychometry, Post cognition (Paranormal)

What Is Psychometry Or Post cognition

Psychometry belongs to the category extra sensory perception or ESP. Psychometry is also known as post cognition or… 744 more words

Ian Scott

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If you're looking to hone your abilities, this is an informative article on the process of Psychometry.

Slumming with the Kooks and Crackpots

I started gravitating towards the family religion last year. The religion is known by a lot of different names, but I prefer to call it “psychic stuff.” I grew up around it. 374 more words