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Lenormand: The Clover in the Grand Tableau

Words key/phrases for Clover;

  • Luck
  • Chance
  • Gambling
  • Opportunity
  • Things which happen on a small scale
  • Small successes

The clover is one of the more peculiar cards of the Lenormand. 1,840 more words

Fortune Telling

Chicken Butt. Let Him Pass. A Weird Week in Review.

I have been knee deep in weirdness lately.  To begin, on a whim, last Saturday night my friend Brandi came over for the purpose of broomin’ it… as her man calls it.  825 more words


Psychic Mediumship and the Cerebrospinal Fluid (woah)

My father sent me this link a couple weeks ago, and I wanted to share it with you all. It’s such an interesting talk, especially if you’re interested in the scientific workings around the human spiritual experience. 397 more words


Friday again but no lie in for me :(

Well it is Friday and usually that would have me jumping (mentally jumping not physically!!!) for joy at the very prospect of a lie in! But not this Friday as I have just remembered that I am meeting up with a friend for dinner tomorrow and therefore will not be sleeping in :( 399 more words

Fibro And My Life After Getting Sick

Delivering bad news

No one ever wants to receive bad news…especially from a reader…where many people perceive readers to be the holders of knowledge of things yet to come…and although no one wants to hear bad news or be told that from the looks of it the plans you are working on just don’t seem like they will come to fruition…there are times when this is the information that needs to comes through…and just as the one receiving the reading wants to hear anything but bad news…often than not…the reader themselves rather not have to be the bearing of said bad news… 503 more words


A medium at large

“You Can’t Make This Stuff Up: Life-Changing Lessons from Heaven,” by Theresa Caputo with Kristina Grish (2014)

To me, Theresa Caputo’s gift for connecting the living and the dead is more believable than what happens on her reality TV show, “Long Island Medium,” or at her live events. 515 more words


The Mind Map Tarot Spread

Using the Mind Map Tarot spread for your readings is a great way to dig deep into how your mind is currently operating.

In this spread, the cards are placed in correspondence with the eye patterns observed and utilised in neuro-linguistic programming(NLP).   1,056 more words

Random Musings