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Commentary 2015-03-03

When I hear the members of An, their voices are directed to An, their supreme leader, not me. I’m just on the side lines overhearing what is being said. 8 more words

The An Material

Daily 5-Card Spread

Today’s reading was right on the money. The only card that’s still a little puzzling is card five, although I have an idea for it. The thing with me and readings is I sit with with them. 352 more words


Intuitive Expansion Workshop Series

Intuitive Expansion Workshop Series

In this workshop series you will experience Connecting with Your Soul, your Higher Self through meditation, visualization, conscious expansion exercises, and other practical tools. 176 more words

The Angels

How to Decalcify Your Pineal Gland and Open Your Third Eye

We are all born with innate intuitive abilities. In infancy, before we are even able to understand language, we were able to understand feeling, intention, vibration. 160 more words

Cosmic Consciousness

Follow Your Heart! And tune into Second Sight Show at 5:30 EST

Following your heart is the theme of today’s live call-in Second Sight Show. Intuitive Medium Christiana McMahon will also use her gift of intuition to answer callers on air. 69 more words


Psychic Vampires and highly sensitive people

When I was a very young child I knew there was something different about me.  I could sense what other people were feeling, even when they would deny it.   542 more words