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☆ Weekly March 30th, 2015 Angel Oracle Card Reading ☆

This week is all about success, peace and contentment! The (new) projects and endeavours that you are currently working on will be successful! Take baby steps to reach your goals and desires, dearest ones. 166 more words


Daily Meditation - Two of Cups

Love is in the air! The Fenestra Tarot presented me with the Two of Cups when I asked, “What is the best lesson I can learn today?” It seems an appropriate card given what I’ve been through today and am likely to go through tomorrow. 294 more words


The #Curse and Blessing of #Empathy and how to Recover from Negative Energy

I’ve always thought that psychics were so lucky to be able to just know what a person is feeling or thinking, but do we really know what happens to them when they do this?  714 more words


The True Philosopher

I never wanted to be a philosopher in the academic sense of the word…I did not want to simply read and study someone else’s ideas about the world…Instead I wanted to be a philosopher in the purest sense of the word…A lover of wisdom…a seeker of truth…And to do this one most drop all philosophies…because truth is not a philosophy…life is not a philosophy…life simply is…that is its beauty…the true philosopher does not want to see the world through the eyes of an idea…that is what everyone else is doing…no one is seeing the world…they are only seeing their ideas about the world…and these ideas and ways of looking at the world is what is creating all the havoc you see all around you. 794 more words


Psychic Connections: Are you the psychic ‘type’?

I was chatting to a new friend today about some unexpected and rather freaky metaphysical happenings she’s been experiencing.

‘I knew you’d be the type I could talk to about this stuff,’ she said. 238 more words


So I gave tarot fortunetelling a try

So I gave tarot fortunetelling a try. Knowing already how I feel about fortunetelling, I decided to go forth and receive a glimpse of my future anyway. 406 more words


Tarot Break: When the Psychic Gates Open...

Over the past few months, I have dutifully dedicated myself to working with tarot on a daily basis. Since I have started working with my cards on a regular basis, I have noticed that my intuitive abilities have become much stronger. 854 more words