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We Are All Mad Here

My first attempt at life was as a marine biologist. Being suicidal it helps to think of every failure as the death of that life only to try again. 259 more words


Change and Me

Did you guys notice how WordPress changed itself? It bothered me at first and took me some time to adjust to that change, Moving the Tags and Categories section to the left hand, why? 442 more words


Germanwings Flight 4U9525 crash: Medicine for psychological illness found at co-pilot's home

BERLIN (AFP) – German police have found medical treatments for psychological illness at the home of the co-pilot suspected of deliberately crashing a jet into the French Alps, killing 149 people and himself, a German newspaper said Saturday. 435 more words

The ignorant opinions of "experts"


If you’d like you can read the article posted above.  It’s an opinion piece published in the New York Times about the “overmedication” of women who suffer from anxiety or depression.  514 more words

Observations On Life

Tremors.. Just Great!

I’ve noticed I’ve been shaky ever since Saturday, a few days after they took me off the Abilify and left me on Latuda. I went to my psychiatrist today and she said it’s the Latuda that’s doing that to me and would give me another prescription to lessen the tremors. 99 more words

BiPolar Treatment Part Trois.Deux

I’m frustrated.

Saw my shrink yesterday, and three of his colleagues.  I’ve decided they’re all crazier than I am.

When I got there I was on 75mg a day of Lamictal, 100mg of Seroquel, and .5 of Xanax for emergencies, like, when I’m freaking the fuck out I take one to knock me out. 843 more words

Farewell, Dr. Awesomesauce?

Yes, that’s right—thanks to my new status as a lowly Medicaid patient, it looks like I’m going to have to get all my mental health care from the county. 334 more words

Bipolar Me