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Shrinks:  Breaking up is hard to do

I know I’ve been a guinea pig.  I’ve taken nearly every anti-depressant, mood stabilizer, anticonvulsant, antipsychotic, and anxiety medication on the market.  The funny thing is, despite the never-ending stream of adverse reactions I put my body through, I never gave up hope that my shrink had my best interests at heart.  256 more words


24 may 2015 sunday

I did not grow up thinking women should be subservient, nor girl-y, nor dye their hair blonde. Make-up was frowned upon.

Yet, I admire women (and men) who dare to be flamboyantly feminine. 260 more words

seeing a shrink

The guy admits he should see a shrink. He got all his tattoos with invisible ink.


Belly Speaking

“How did you like your childhood,” he asked. He rolled up his tie like Otto Spurgat used to do in Psych 101. I wondered if that was something they taught psych majors in graduate school. 428 more words

The Lesser of Two Evils

I have an interesting relationship with my Psychiatrist. I think I know what’s best for me and she disagrees. I’ve been seeing her every 4 to 6 weeks for just over a year and most of her predictions about the length and intensity of my relapses have been more or less accurate (much to my annoyance). 457 more words


30 Posts in 30 Days #8: To the Women Who Do It All

My ex did try. I very distinctly remember a few random “exercises” he tried to initiate while we were still together in order to try and save our failing marriage. 702 more words


Frustration: Fetzima Day 3

This afternoon I spent hours searching for potential psychiatrists. I went through page after page and ended only finding 5 potentials to look into. I was surprised at the number of psychiatrists listed as not doing need  management. 194 more words