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Vintage Colorful Hippie Dress

Can you guess what year this article was from?

Phluph s/t (1968)

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Phluph’s 1968 self-titled debut on Verve is simply an understated gem in the phych/Bosstown sound. If you do find it on album, original copies are quite expensive, even beat-up! 31 more words


TOY Cover Robert Wyatt

This week there was a powerful and thought-provoking piece on the Guardian Music blog about accessibility to music for people with hearing impairments. Written by Lee Walker it is well worth reading, and goes on to mention… 65 more words


Album Review: Lilacs and Champagne - Midnight Features Vol. 2: Made Flesh

I sometimes look at Grails as my long lost musical soul-mates that I’ll most likely never get to play with. This may seem like a strange/creepy sentiment, but with each release by the Portland-ians I find myself nodding with approval thinking, “Yep, I think that may be my ideal band scenario”. 552 more words

Album Review