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They Spin-in' &$%%@, They Spin-in'

     Over the past several days I’ve held my PS4 controller tight and tried for hours to be the master of the pitch.  I’ve shot for Hat Tricks, performed crushing tackles, made last second saves, and more.   660 more words


Life is Strange: Episode 3 (2015)

El tercer episodio ha llegado. Lamento no haber escrito nada por estos lados entre estos dos episodios. No he jugado tantas cosas últimamente y de lo poco que he jugado o no le he dedicado el tiempo suficiente o termino dejando botado. 720 more words


Never Alone - A Game Built For Two

Last month, the game Never Alone was offered as a free download on PSN for those that have a PS Plus account. I usually download all the available games just to give them a shot, and because they’re free. 367 more words


Pharmacists Council Deregisters Erring Pharmacists.

Disciplinary Tribunal of the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN) on Tuesday deregistered two pharmacists for reasons not unconnected with malpractices and violation of guiding rules. 474 more words

In The News...!!!

Let's Play: Bloodborne WITH TEDDYYYYY Pt. 2

Second installment of the bloodborne series. Not high this time. Promise. Can i take on the Cleric Beast and win this time? Probably not. Dude is boss as fuck. 26 more words

Extended Play sale on PSN this week!

This week there are some good deals again finally! That aren’t a flash sale, I personally only see MK9 and Deadly Premonition as interesting but you may find more. 34 more words