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I woke up this morning with a lot of time in my hands

I promised to read the scrolls, talk to my maker and feed my soul… 229 more words


5 Ways to Stay Safe Abroad

Travel is all about charting new territory, and sometimes that can leave us vulnerable. Below are a few ways to help minimize risk so you can worry less and smile more. 438 more words


Jesonian: Good in Your Sight ... March 8, 2015

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Republicans and Democrats.

Religious and atheist.

Men and women.

Black and white.

Gay or straight.

We seem to live in a time when we love to square off against one another into camps of conflict. 498 more words

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Showing sound judgment; prudent.

Whenever I have problems, I consult with my politic grandfather who gives great advices.

Source: The American Heritage Dictionary Fifth Edition



Failure hurts a lot.  It’s hard to accept it. It’s hard to move on and face a new day without ever thinking what made me a failure.

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Best? or Blame? or Status quo?

I just remembered what my boss said, “Do the same things, expect the same results. But do different things, then you can expect different results. Wherever you go in your life, there will be issues. 183 more words

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Quality Indianapolis Used Cars: Gearing up for a Prudent Retirement

Retiring a year or two from now? You’re probably thinking of a brand-new car as a reward for all your hard work. The new car models draw you and they can’t wait to be flaunted and driven around the neighborhood. 122 more words