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eat your grubs!

I’ve loved animals my entire life and I’ve been a vegetarian my entire life (well almost, last year I made the switch to vegan), to put that in perspective; I didn’t know bacon and ham were different until I was 11. 183 more words


Day 50: Can't believe I miss those early morning wake up calls...

I always remember how my dad would wake me up early on the weekends in a cheery mood. Of course I was less-than-cheery and wanted nothing to do with him at 9AM on a Saturday morning, but he would never quit the routine. 236 more words

March 2015

Day 23: What are you proudest of about yourself?

That I have realised the power to change and improve is mine alone.


One year on

Today is the one year anniversary of me being at home. In some ways it feels like I’ve been home a lot longer but in others, it feels like yesterday I was pacing the ward corridors sharing headphones and belting out depressing music with another patient who has since become one of my best friends. 455 more words

Se fossi... 

A piece of Italian writing which I got 75% for.

Per cominicare, mi è sempre piaciuto scrivere. Se avessi più tempo, scriverei più articoli, storie e poesie. 199 more words


Will We Find God?

“We will not find God by detaching ourselves from the ugly, painful realities of the world around us or within us. When we refuse to own all that is happening in our lives, when we never ‘tell our stories’ to one another, our pursuit of God is reduced to an organized set of activities energized only by the proud passion of discipline.” 103 more words

Reflections By Dr. Larry Crabb

A Child's Time-In Simple Rhyme (93)

Like no other-

To be the apple of the eye, of both your father and your mother.