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Be proudly human instead

Being proudly Zulu, Xhosa, Ndebele, Sotho, French, Italian…..etc….is the reason why humans are separated and feel that one clan is better than than the other simply because of a language one speaks…and sometimes tradition!!! 70 more words


Drunken Soul

Walking along, on and on. Tottering on the razor’s edge, staggering, step after wavering step, falling down, down… no matter, you’re not going to give up now. 98 more words


Who am I?

Is it possible to not know who you are? Or why you’re here?

Am I still a heartbroken mess who thinks of nothing other than being with a man who did nothing but destroy me, picking up pieces of my heart and shattering them one last time before he finally left. 279 more words


Fourth of July Swim

Great way to cool off the July heat. Happy Fourth of July everybody!


Me and my girl

To celebrate the Fourth of July, we went to Subway for sandwiches and walked down to the waterfront.

There were a lot of people out dressed in red, white and blue. 97 more words


Why is USA so over air-conditioned?

IT’S summertime. The season when you can write your name in the condensation on the windows at Starbucks, people pull on parkas to go to the movies and judges have been known to pause proceedings so bailiffs can escort jurors outside the courthouse to warm up. 313 more words


Family Events

I am proud of myself. I did not let myself get over stressed or anxious to the point I felt overwhelmed today. I let little things go and did not mull over of them. 634 more words

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