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Proof positive


protons are positive

their very nature

enviable yet



why does it seem there’s
been a miscarriage
of the particles
that make me? 29 more words


My first 200K Brevet !

I have been dormant for so long that it seemed to be a far fetched idea that I would be doing anything endurance related for a while to come. 3,138 more words

Accelerators for Health and Medicine

Treating cancer – X-Ray therapy

X-ray theraphy is the most common form of radiotherapy. Almost half of the 240 thousand patients per year who are diagnosed with cancer in Italy are subjected to radiotherapy with X-rays. 524 more words


The Universe in 10 Features: 4. Reionisation

The Universe coming out of the cosmic dark ages was a bleak place. The afterglow of the Big Bang had slipped into infrared radiation and neutral hydrogen was a mist stretching the entire cosmos. 162 more words


The Sub-Atomic World: Land Of Make-Believe

I think most of the silliness of modern, small-scale theoretical physics stems from the fundamental and erroneous notion, adopted quite early in the Quantum revolution, that sub-atomic particles retain their integrity and charge WITHIN the atom. 2,234 more words


β+ decay

Twelve of them were sitting smugly
protons of magnesium
When their noisy neutron neighbours
Broke the equilibrium.

‘Why should ye reign over us
with yer posh positive charge?’ 56 more words

Compass And Straightedge Constructions

World's fastest 2D camera can capture 100 billion frames per second

Imaging the behaviour of photons is difficult. Light is the fastest thing we’ve ever recorded in the universe, and catching its trajectory on film requires extraordinary high speeds. 417 more words