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Church history: early Reformed rites in Scotland

My past several posts have looked at the liturgy and Communion from the early days of the Church through to the Reformation.

So far, we have read about… 1,803 more words


Ukraine's Religious War: Protestants in Donetsk

I appreciate the work of Vice News in reporting on the ground the conflict in Ukraine this past year.

Watch this video. What’s being done by the Russian-backed rebels in the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic against non-Orthodox Christians is deplorable. 12 more words


Secularization of Society (Part Two)

A superficial look at statistics would lead to the conclusion that the church in America is thriving. As recently as 1991, almost half of the adults reached by telephone reported that they had attended a religious service within the last week. 942 more words


Church history: Calvin's French rites

This series has been examining liturgy and Holy Communion from the Church’s earliest days through to the Reformation.

So far, we have read about early Christian liturgy… 656 more words


True Relics, True Gospel, Changed Lives

This post may be summarily dismissed by many Protestants who don’t accept, acknowledge or understand the existence of historic Christian relics or the miracles attributed to them.   1,569 more words

Idolatry in Catholicism

A common objection to catholicism is the claim of idolatry.  The argument goes a little something like this: the bible says not to make a graven image or worship that image (Ten Commandments).   660 more words


Losing my religion

I was baptized, raised and confirmed in the Roman Catholic Church.

I lost my faith in the Catholic Church without losing faith in God. I have always known His presence, even when I believed that I was a sinner beyond His grace. 444 more words