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‘Read’ 52 Weeks of Photography–Week 9, ‘Beast/Day’ Haiku Challenge


Beautiful silence-

Childrens lap sit story day

Tales of raucous beasts


Leabharlann is the Gaelic word for ‘library’.  It is pronounced as leow’er’lahn, (Gaelic speakers may debate my phoneticizing, but it is the best I can do in writing).   392 more words


Shooting and Shouting at the Flower of the Well

The Records of Early English Drama North-East project presents its latest Flower of the Month – an intriguing find from the archives of the region. This month’s Flower is about two incidents in the 1590s, in Aldborough, North Yorkshire, when Protestants and Catholics came into conflict over old customs. 170 more words

Literary Comment

What is the biblical way to lead a child to Christ?

There are three basic elements involved in leading a child to a saving relationship with Christ: prayer, example, and age-appropriate instruction. We lead a child to Christ through the diligent application of all three elements from the time before the child is born. 597 more words


Of buttons and velvet slippers

Thank heaven for costume dramas.

They answer questions about clothing.

Have you ever wondered why the Amish and similar sects eschewed buttons? Does the Pope still wears velvet slippers? 956 more words


What does the Bible say about raising children?

God created the family. His design was for a man and a woman to marry for life and raise children to know and honor Him ( 555 more words


Bloody Mary and the map monster

It has often been queried by historians, proper historians that is, with degrees and everything, why Mary I had such a desire to kill. Her nick name, given to her after her death, was Bloody Mary and that was not because of the heaviness of her menses! 1,314 more words

Jeff 'Jefferty' Jeff

Does Friendship with Christ equate to determining doctrine?

In discussions on the Biblical and historic case for Roman Catholicism, friends and family almost always rest their position on their personal relationship with Jesus. It is defended so enthusiastically that I seriously wonder whether the next generation will not profess s… 611 more words