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Hundreds Protest in NYC to Raise Wages *PICS*

Thousands went to the streets of New York to be heard this week to raise minimum wage. According to sources, minimum wage is 8.75 and will raise to 9 in 2016. 7 more words



In 1915 numerous sons
and a few daughters embarked on ships
to participate in a war.
We grew up saluting the flag on Mondays,
and hearing, each April. 184 more words


Li'l Soldiergirl Barbie® Show Us How to Treat Old Glory with Respect

Protest inspector and flag protector, Michelle Manhart. 

I have no problem with former Air Force Sergeant, Michelle Manhart being a former sex worker.

I have to laugh though when L’il Soldier Barbie gets herself all in a snit about the flag touching the ground at a protest after doing a Playboy spread holding a flag that is DRAGGING on the fucking studio floor. 66 more words

Hard Times of Young England

An updating of a traditional English folk song, with apologies to Billy Bragg & Steeleye Span whose much superior versions inspired the creation of mine… 340 more words


After recent shootings, anti-violence protesters plan a rally for Sunday afternoon in Troy

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10)– After two shooting incidents last week, local anti-violence groups will rally at Ingalls Avenue Playground on Sunday.

The protest, “Man Up, Guns Down,” is supported by several local organizations including Fresh Anointing Ministries, Troy Anti-Violence Initiative, and United Citizens for Justice. 19 more words


Peaceful protest is the best.

Should the nasty, evil, murderous Conservatives get back into power after May 7th then we the disabled, vulnerable and disadvantaged people are going to be put through the wringer by them even worse than the last 5 years as the Coalition. 272 more words


Now that tax season is over, it's time to end it. Replace the income tax.

Now That Tax Season Is Over, It’s Time to End

the Immoral and Illegal Income Tax

by Rev. Paul J. Bern

With another federal income tax deadline having passed this past week, it is time for me to bring up the dubious nature of income taxation in America, and why I think it’s long past due for some serious change in the way we are taxed. 1,409 more words

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