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I'm the Liz Lemon of Prostitutes. Also, vagina.

Because I was a nun when I was a teenager, I was never taught sex ED. Never thought I would need it. Boy, was I wrong. 245 more words

Call Girl


After quite the party booking,  I mean very good. Not my usual style of ‘party’ so to speak. I’m not new to the game, I know my limitations and by God I know my weaknesses.  1,138 more words


#Aunty Aura - Men's Secret Confessions

It’s been a long time coming…  After Bad Housewive’s Confess, it was time for the guys to reveal all to Aunty Aura.  Cheating, lying, stealing and more.   537 more words


Right Now.

I had trouble deciding how to start this blog, so I thought I’d just begin with right now. So, right now I’m sitting in bed, no clothes. 585 more words


Princesas (2005)

Princesas follows the colourless life of Caye (Candela Peña), a woman who is working as a prostitute behind her family’s back. Set in a backdrop of dull, drab Madrid streets, she spends her days in her friend’s hair salon until she befriends her neighbour, Zulema (Micaela Nevárez), who is also in the profession. 202 more words


Somedays I just want to masturbate and think about the universe. Is that so much to ask?? Ugh.

Call Girl

Introducing the Courtesan

Hello. My name is… hmm… My age is…. errr…. I am… I am…. Well. Who the fuck am I? I’ve changed my name and age and race and history so many times it’s all mush at this point. 121 more words

Call Girl